St. John vs Mississauga

This is just a few observations of Hubbs, Beaulieu and Percy.  I am not a scout but this is just what I saw.

Game Notes St. John vs Mississauga

Jonathan Huberdeau- Actually uses a slap pass, not just a slap shot and hope that it gets tipped, or slap pass to no one.  If the puck is along the boards he makes it real tough for the D to get control of the puck.  Takes a hit very well and is tough on the skates.  Does not shy away from hits and actually leans on people well.  Comes off the boards and sits in front of the net of the PP, reminds me of Bruno (gets goal off of leg), creates space well.  Draw Defenders on him which creates space for teammates and he can actually thread a pass (at the 16:20 mark in the 2nd).  Made a neat little pass that actually got intercepted but got repicked for the third goal.   Saves a goal by great stick play, against the Mississauga.  A bit feisty when the Refs aren’t looking.  Really does have great speed.  His back checking is good, effortless takeaways.  He is hard to read if he is going to pass or shoot assisted on Beaulieu goal, drew the entire team on him and feathered a pass to a wide open Beaulieu (great team passing and a blown off sides goal, but Hubbs took full advantage).  Took a bush league attack from Wise, a chop on the arm behind the refs when the refs were talking.  Huberdeau passing is absolute magic, great hands in absorbing the puck and getting rid of it just at the right time.

Took a hit and got rubbed off the puck and created a break away the other way, but because of that it created a goal because after his exchange Jurco was behind the defense and score on a breakaway.  Very unimpressed with his faceoffs.  Took a penalty that put his team down 2 men, but it was a good hustle play.

It is one game but it was a game against a very good team and I thought he was the best player of the game (although there were a few others that played very well).  If we did draft him I think he would make the Avs betters, and I think this guy will be good. I look forward to seeing him more.  His defense is better than I thought it would be.  His passing was better then what I thought.  He did get a bit weaker on his skates toward the end of the game but he was getting primary focus.  I think Matt would love a guy like this to play with.  It would open up so much ice.

Nathan Beaulieu- Came in and punished a player who whacked his goalie.  Eliminated a shorthanded chance by hustling back and tripping up the passing option.  Nice goal jumped in on open ice and had a easy open net.  Plays stronger as the game goes on, so in a double overtime game we might have a Bobby Orr.

 Looked like ROB on the first goal, puck was in his feet and panicked and couldn’t find the puck.  Lots of blind passes, has head down too much.  He slips too much on his first step.  Missed on a pass that created a huge scoring chance for the other team at the end of the 1st.  I think he has good speed but seems to glide when a guy is on his back pocket on a forecheck, instead of skating away from the guy.

It is only one game but I was a bit unimpressed with him.  His goal was set up because of great passing from the forwards.  He does not use his size very well, and doesn’t use his speed often enough.

Stuart Percy- Plays well and has great vision.  Made a real stupid penalty (typical Yip high sticking penalty).  Plays smart, steps up at right times.

He is small and is projected to go in the third and is a small PMD so not really looking much at him, but plays better than Beaulieu at the beginning of the game.  Plays smart, steps up at right times.


This was a great game and I think it is a shame we don’t see a best of seven series. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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