The 11th overall pick, The Colorado Avalanche Selects. . .

It is no doubt we all here at MHH think we will draft a Swede for our number 2 pick.  The question will be which Swede one.  I am not even going there on this post.  Instead lets focus on the number 11 pick.  Here are a few good prospects that are rumored to be in that range.  I know there is no way we can remotely predict where people are going but this is just for good fun. 

I think we should draft any of the following if they drop to number 11.  Hamilton, Hubbs, Strome, Murphy, Couturier.  I doubt any of them will fall but we can always hope right.

Mark McNeil- Center- Prince Albert Raiders WHL- I have not seen any of the guys play this year and I am only going from what I have read.  This guy would be my favorite if he is still around.  I know he is a Center but he is a big Center, and a mean Center, which seems to be nice of the defensive side of things.  Everything I have read about him he is going to be a very good player, size, speed, great hands and a nasty streak.  Remind you of anyone?  I would really be nice to get him to fill the void Stewie left.  I am in the Landeskog camp personally, but I would be fine with Laarson if we get McNeil.  Here is more reads on McNeil.  There are several sections, so read them all and salivate.

Duncan Siemans- Defense-Saskatoon Blades WHL- He seems to be the defensive version of McNeil.  Big and nasty and does what it takes to secure his own end.  Big reason why Elliot won top honors in the WHL.  I hope the Avs dont look at "he has good chemistry with Elliot" or "It goes with our XXX theme". Although he has great height he lacks the weight to go with it, but that will come.  He held his own and probably got the better end of the fight against Musil.  I would be a bit suprised if he is still around. by the time the 11th roles around, but if he is and McNeil is off of the board I would be happy with this selection.  Read more about Siemans.

Nathan Beaullieu- Defense- St. John Sea Dogs QMJHL- At 6'0 and 165 lbs I think he fits more into the PMD which I think we have plenty of.  I hear he is an amazing player then I hear he is not so great.  Take your pick.  What does seem to be consistent is his skating, and his initial pass.  If he is the best option I don't have any objections about getting him, but doesn't fill a need what so ever, other then taking the best available player.  Read more at

Mika Zibanejad C Djurgardens IF Hockey Elitserien- I kinda like this guy and think he could be a pretty good player.  Sounds like a Swedish version of McNeil.  Great puck control.  I guess his shot is better but his speed is not as good.  Since Stoa, I have been a bit gun shy on guys who don't have good skating ability usually wont get it by this time of their life probably wont ever get it.  I know this is not always the case it just seems to be more the case.  He is my third choice from this list.  read more at                                                            

Sven Bartschi LW Portland Winterhawks WHL- High skilled, fast and a wiiiicked shot.  It would be nice to have a true sniper in the lineup again.  You know that guy who can score from anywhere.  I think the Duke is our best threat in that aspect but wouldn't it be nice if we have more of that, I think it would open the ice a bit more for our offense.  What we do not need is another small guy to get knocked off their skates when Getzlaf comes rolling by.  At 5'10 and 185 lbs I am afraid that is what will happen.  but hey if he scores goals who cares, right St. Louis and T. Fluery?  Read more at

Jameson Oleksiak D Northeastern Hockey East- What a monster and I heard his skating is b"good for his size", so no Nigel Williams here.  He could be the best boom or bust guy in the draft.  I hate projects in the first round so I would pass. read more at

So as stated above I really like McNeil, and he will be enough of a prize for me to pass on Landeskog, if we get Laarson.  If we do get Landeskog then I would probably go with Seimens but if he is not there then I say McNeil again.  I am not suggesting picking for needs I just think those two guys are right there, even. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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