The Power of Visualization... (and other random photos)


So, here we are, less than a week before draft day.  Scouting is over, team's lists are being finalized, and the buzz over who will take who in the 2011 Draft has reached an all-time high.  Judging by the Avalanche scout's discussion in the draft special, it looks like there are four main candidates for the second overall pick:  Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Gabriel Landeskog, Jonathan Huberdeau, and Adam Larsson.  However, no one, possibly not even the Avs scouting staff, know at this point which of them Rick Pracey will call to the podium Friday night. 

We've discussed this before:  the pros and cons of each player... the "if"s, "but"s, and "when"s.  And over the course of that discussion, the quote, "(Insert player's name here) would look GREAT in an Avs jersey!" has come up more than once.  But how do we KNOW that said player would look good in a unipron?  Well, since I'm a hair impatient, I decided to find out before the draft.

But as I was putting these together, I found some other.... interesting..... images that I thought I'd share as well. And just as a general disclaimer, none of the pictures after the obvious first ones are photoshopped, no matter how strange and random they might seem.  

So without any further ado.... the 4 possible future Avs!

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins


....Ok, so he probably won't be no. 9 next year if he's drafted by the Avs, but since I couldn't figure out what his second choice would be, we're going with it for now.  Oh, and if he does slip on an Avalanche jersey on Friday, it wouldn't be the first time he's been in one.  


He's said that one of his idols growing up was Joe Sakic, and he's been compared to Matt Duchene.  Yeah, I think he'd fit in just fine around here.  

(Oh, and for giggles, this is his facebook fan page.  Check out the profile pic.  I never knew he looked so much like Matty D! LOL epic fail....)

And one more pic (because I can) :


I could try to write out a caption for this, but I think Denis Lemieux said it best:  "You do that, you go to the box, you know. Two minutes, by yourself, you know and you feel shame, you know. And then you get free."


Gabriel Landeskog


Ah, yes, the Swede we have been Languishing for for so long.  We all know he would bring grit and leadership to our team, but did you know he would also bring.... a love of police cars?


YAY POLICE CARS!  I don't think I'm even random enough to put a cop car on the ice, so kudos to whoever decided to make that happen.  It made me smile :)

And since the other 3 had three pictures each (and I've already posted the shirtless one of him around... oh... a few dozen times), I'll leave you with this one instead.  Could this be our future captain?



Jonathan Huberdeau


After his amazing performance at the Memorial Cup, his stock just keeps going up.  Even Dater's high on him now.  With great hands and a good shot, he's sure to score a lot on the ice.  But that might not be all the scoring he does....


(Blame Google Images, not me).  

Oh, and remember how I was saying he had a good showing at the Memorial Cup?  Here's him scoring the GWG on the Owen Sound Attack.  (This is for you, some white guy.  DAMNIT BLACKER!)



Adam Larsson


Ah yes, the other Swede we might draft at #2, and the only defenseman of the bunch.  There aren't as many pictures of him as the North American prospects, but I was still able to come up with these two gems:


Blueline Badass?  Oh yeah.... We could use another one of those.  

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