Who could go?

We've spent a ton of time this week talking about fridays potential additions to the Avs, however, there's a good chance that we could see some players heading out the door. With rumours that the Avs are looking to trade for a goalie, or trade into the top 10, which Avalanche players have seen their last days in an Avalanche unipron.

Thomas Fleischmann (LW)


Dater has already reported that the Avs may not be interested in resigning Flash.  His rights could be traded this week for a late late pick or as part of a package to move up. But with so few games last year, and some remaining questions about his health, Fleischmanns value is probably at an alltime low.

Verdict: Gone.  Whether its this friday or next, it unfortunately looks like Flash's days in the unipron are numbered. Joakim Lindstrom better not have any clotting problems.


Paul Stastny (C)


Yes, Kizla is an idiot.  But fact is, Stastny's play last season was less than his best and he's popped up in trade rumours from multiple sources in the last 6 months.  Odds are Stastny stays in Colorado, but if Carter is worth the #8 CBJ pick, then Stastny could have a nice draft day return.

Verdict: Stay. The Avs need Stazz's contract on the books so he's safe for at least another year. When the Avs salary jumps next year, and young centers Hishon, OReilly and Hubs/RNH/Couts start to develop, Stastny could become more expendable.


John Michael-#DontTradeLiles (D)


JML will have to survive yet another day of potential trading, and with Elliott and Barrie in the pipeline, along with potential draftee Murphy, Liles could become trade bait with the 11 in hopes of moving up in the draft.

Verdict: Probably Stay. JML's contract is just a bit too big to move for a pick only, but if the right offer comes in, say a second and a bottom sixer (avs love their bottom sixers), then Liles could still go.


T.J. Galiardi (C/LW)


One of the Avs strongest trading chips heading into the draft TJ Galiardi could certainly find himself traded with the 11th for a top 10 pick.

Verdict: Who knows, I certainly dont.  He seems like a good trade candidate, but is we're "building from within" then Sherm may want to hold onto him.  But after struggling last year Sacco seemed down on Gally, could be Sherman feels the same.  He's young and his trade value is probably still decent if the Avs choose to shop him.


Other Potential guys:

Hunwick, Cumiskey, Yip.

Verdict: All three have been mentioned in rumours for Crosby, however, their value may be high enough for the Avs to hold onto them.


Stastny, Duchene, OReilly, Mueller, Johnson, Quincey. Maybe Hishon and S. Elliott.  For the right offer, i bet anyone else on the roster could be had. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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