Final Grades: The Recap



photo courtesy Darren McCollester / Getty Images

The grades are complete, but, before we say goodbye to them for the year, we thought it would be a good idea to milk this one more time recap the grades. There was a bit of contention about the grades this year - perhaps too much. Rest assured, the crack, oversized staff here at MHH will do everything we can to put even less thought and effort tweak things for next year. That's a long way away, though, so here's your final chance to weigh in on this year's grades:


  • Greg Sherman: B. A solid grade for the Avalanche GM
  • Joe Sacco: C-. Opinions were decidedly split in the poll 53% to 46% in favor of changing the coach.



  • John Michael Liles: A-. One of his best seasons, and graded accordingly.
  • Eirk Johnson: B+. Turnovers seemed to be the biggest negative in our evaluation.
  • Kevin Shattenkirk: B+. I'm not crying; there's dust in my eye.
  • Scott Hannan: B+. Hey, maybe we should sign this guy this summer?
  • Ryan O'Byrne: B. We were fairly unanimous across the board in our love for OB Wan. 4 Bs, 1 B+.
  • Ryan Wilson: B. Too high, you say? Tough shit.
  • Jonas Holos: C+. Almost crept to B-.
  • Cameron Gaunce: C+. Still waiting for his first win in an Avalanche unipron.
  • Adam Foote: C+. Thanks, Adam.
  • Matt Hunwick: C. Looking at these ranked like this, I'd say his grade is about right.
  • Kyle Cumiskey: C-. Definitely a downer of a year.
  • Kyle Quincey: C-. Don't tell him, but I gave him a D-. We were all over the place: B-, C+, C, D+, D-.
  • Shawn Belle: INC. AJ tried to give him an A, but we overruled him.
  • David Liffiton: INC. He'll be back for another year of a vocal minority lobbying for a call-up.
  • Colby Cohen: INC. He raised the Stanley Cup and you didn't.
  • Ray Macias: INC. Did we miss anybody?


  • Peter Budaj: D+. The Avs' best the way that the funniest Howie Mandel joke is funny.
  • Craig Anderson: D. No, you'll never know what really happened so stop thinking about it.
  • Brian Elliott: D-. Thinking more and more the Avalanche will just cut bait.
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