Draft Pool

Draft pool - Just another way to kill some time before the actual draft.

GeorgeInLimbo had a great idea to start a draft pool. So I'm just building off of that by adding scoring so there could definetely be a winner in the end.

GeorgeInLimbo post

I'll pull the selections from that post to start this one off.


Each person starts with 11 points per pick. One point is subtracted for each position off from the relative pick.


If I pick Landeskog to be drafted at #4, but he really goes at #2, two points will be subtracted from that slot, for being two positions off.

Complete example:

Player A Submitted Picks
1. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins C (Oilers)
2. Jonathon Huberdeau C (Avs)
3. Sean Couturier C (Panthers)
4. Adam Larsson D (Devils)
5. Landeskog W (Islanders)
6. Dougie Hamilton D (Sens)
7. Ryan Strome C (Jets)
8. Ryan Murphy D (blue jackets)
9. Jamieson Oleksiak (bruins)
10. Mika Zibanejad C (wild)
11. Mark McNeill C (Avs)

Actual picks
1. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins - player A gets all 11 points
2. Landeskog - Player A three picks off: 11 - 3 = 7 points
3. Jonathon Huberdeau - Player A one pick off 11 - 1 = 10 points
4. Adam Larsson - Player A gets all 11 points
5. Sean Couturier - 2 off = 9 points
6. Ryan Murphy - 1 off = 10 points
7. Dougie Hamilton - 1 off = 10 points
8. Ryan Strome - 1 off = 10 points
9. Jamieson Oleksiak - 11 points
10. Mika Zibanejad - 11 points
11. Mark McNeill - 11 points
Total for Player A = 111 points


Stick your neck out and take a stand on how you think it will go down.


** Deadline will be 6/24 at 12:00AM


*** Beachie decided to be really bold and predict that the Avs would trade their #11 pick. Because of that, I decided to reward the boldness, should she be correct. So, if anyone wants to predict a trade of a pick, you can gain 5 bonus points, if you are correct. If you are wrong, then it will be negative 5 points. You do not have to state who the pick will be traded to, but you'll need to decide who the receiving team will choose in the draft. 


1. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
2. Landeskog
3. Jonathon Huberdeau
4. Adam Larsson
5. Sean Couturier
6. Ryan Murphy
7. Dougie Hamilton
8. Ryan Strome
9. Jamieson Oleksiak
10. Mika Zibanejad
11. Mark McNeill - (pick will be traded) - If the pick is traded to anyone, and they pick McNeill = 16 points. If the pick is traded and they draft somebody else = 5 bonus points + standard score is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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