Varlamov Deal Explained

Heard this directly from the friend of someone on twitter who knows someone with a blog who plays rec hockey with someone who has met someone in the Washington Capital front office.  I, of course, cannot reveal my source.  But I would trust this person with my life.  Well, as long as my life wasn't actually in danger, but I'd let them give me an aspirin.

More following the jump (which really doesn't matter unless this is front paged, right, which it won't be because I don't have the proper chromosomes or something, but I digress).

So, the Washington front office knew they were about to lose Varlamov for nothing, as he threatened to bolt to Russia, and decided to shop him around a little bit to see what they could get.  Luckily, thanks to a tip from Peter Stastny, they had Greg Sherman on speed dial.  Now, the guys in Washington, being the sharp customers that they are, knew that Varly is a RFA, and that either they could match an offer sheet or lose him for draft picks.  Happy with their other young goalies, they figured if things went that way, they could afford to lose him, but knew that his value, given his injury history, would put him squarely in the 2nd rounder range.  So they figured they should try to obtain a little more.  The following may or may not be a direct transcript.

Sherman: Hello, George?
McPhee: Hey, Greg from accounting!  How you doing these days?  Congrats on the Hejda signing, that is huge!
Sherman: Thanks George!  Yep, really solidifies our backend.  Other than the fact that we don't have a goaltender, I guess.  I'm sort of trying to keep this line open for Vokoun's agent ... could I call ...
McPhee: Actually, Greg, that's why I called you.  The phone has absolutely been ringing off of the hook with teams inquiring about Varly (holds phone away and supresses laughter), and I was surprised you hadn't called.
Sherman: Varly?  I thought he was going to Russia?
McPhee: No, just internet rumours.  You know how that goes.  Is Stastny in Toronto yet? 

(they share a brief chuckle)

Sherman: So, if he's not going to Russia, he's a restricted free agent, right?
McPhee: Could be (hoping Sherman doesn't put 2 and 2 together), but man, we're getting all sorts of offers for him right now.  I'm pretty sure he'll land somewhere else soon and sign a contract.  I'm going to be honest with you here, we're asking for at least a 2nd rounder in return, plus a little extra.
Sherman: Wow, that really doesn't sound too bad.  He might be a longer term solution to what we're looking for.
McPhee (with phone connection a little bit garbled): How about our choice of your 2nd in 2012 or 2013, and a fourth in 2012?
Sherman (unfortunately hears "fourth" as "first"): A first in 2012 plus your choice of our 2nd in 2012 or 2013?  Done!
McPhee (speechless at first, then high fiving everyone in sight): Sounds like we have a deal!  Good luck with Varly, you just got yourself one helluva goaltender! 

McPhee (off of the phone now): Someone get me Peter Stastny, I owe that guy a nice bottle of champagne.  

(a few ominous hours later)

McPhee again: No, don't sign Vokoun until tomorrow.  I mean, let's let the wound fester a little bit before we dump in the salt. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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