The Avs are a laughing stock

So, I had the misfortune to read this little article from Puck Daddy. Ryan Lambert is the writer who thinks that George McPhee is the world's best GM.

The full article is here:

First, he somehow conned the Avalanche into trading him a first- and a second-round pick for Semyon Varlamov(notes). The kid was a third-string goalie who didn't play in the team's postseason run and was on the verge of sulking all the way back to the KHL (as all Russian-born players who can't hack it Stateside do). This despite the fact that, had the Avs simply signed him to an offer sheet for the price they eventually paid him, the compensation would have been just a second-round pick.

And that all ignores the fact, by the way, that without a competent goaltending tandem in Colorado (which the Avs don't boast), that first-rounder will almost certainly be a lottery pick.

Bold emphasis is mine.

And this little gem which points to an article with Woody Paige: (Emphasis not mine)

Colorado Avalanche: A non-hockey writer writes about hockey. On Varlamov: "Not exactly Roy, but a start." Hell, it's not exactly Craig Anderson


This is reminiscent of the 09/10 season when every "expert" predicted a lottery pick for the Avs. They were stunned when the Avs made the playoffs.

This is going on with a lot of blogs, forums and podcasts. Yes, it was overpayment, but one or more of these statements could explain it:

1.  Sherman and Sacco are happy with the current roster. They don't want to give up existing assets because they believe that they now have the tools to make a playoff run.

2. The Avs are operating under an internal budget restriction set by Kroenke for whatever reason and this was one way to stay under the internal cap.

3. Kroenke hauled them both into his office and said "Look, I am not being embarassed like this again. You have one season to sort this shit out, or you're both gone." That's why Shermy traded away the picks because he knows that if he fails, he's gone, so if this gamble doesn't work, the loss of the pick doesn't matter because he won't be here anyway.

4. WIth Harding signed quickly and Vokoun uninterested in coming to Colorado, the goaltending pickings became a lot slimmer. Anyone feel confident with Mike Smith? Anyone? Therefore, they did what they could to get their man.

Bottom line is that I hope the new-look Avs stuff Ryan Lambert's words down his throat. Oh, and Ryan, regarding George McPhee, it's rude to talk with your mouth full. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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