Completely Unrelated to Hockey... Game System debate

So in one of the previous Daily Cupcakes threads, I noticed that many of us at MHH are gamers (whether it be computer or system) and this makes me curious.  Since there isn't much more to do other than debate captaincy which has been talked about over and over and over I figured this could entertain some of us.  So here is the simple question, X-box 360 or PS3?  My choice and reasons after the jump.

PS3, straight up, and here are my reasons

1.  Yes PS3 is $100 more expensive than X-box but some things you do not need to pay for, for the PS3 include online play, batteries for the controllers (or charging packs) and it includes a bluray player rather than the HD DVD attempt that X-box tried and failed with and is now pretty much obsolete.  So not only do you get a gaming system, but it is a multi-purpose system.

2. The graphics, in my honest opinion, are better, enough said.

3. I like the PS3 controllers much better, they aren't that awkward shape, your left and right hand are mirror images of each other, so I feel that the PS3 controller should be a mirror image from side to side.  I am also a fan of the old gamecube controllers, they are like X-box controllers, but they are even on both sides from what I remember. 

4.  Not a big Halo fan, and that's is one of the few exclusive X-box games that many people see as worth it.  One exclusive series that I feel is worth it for PS3 is the God of War series.  From what I hear, the Infamous series is pretty good as well but who can forget Metal Gear Solid (originally started off for just Playstation, but a number of sequels and spin offs etc have also been released for PC and Game cube.  Other notable PS3 exclusive games include the SOCOM series, the Twisted Metal series and the Uncharted series.  I believe some notable X-box series other than Halo are the Dead or Alive series and that's all i could find, feel free to list other notable X-box exclusive games.

5. This may seem simple, but you can charge your PS3 controller one your computer, while you play, which makes it much more convenient than having to wait to charge, or switch out packs like you would for X-box.  PS3 controllers also hold their charge much longer.

The one con to having a PS3, is that I couldn't challenge Paul Bissonnette last night and kick his ass in NHL11, heh.

I'm aware that this post is completely unrelated to hockey, but it's something to debate about and hopefully occupy some bored people. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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