Rookie Camp day 2

I was being super lazy and waiting for AJ to create this but MHH was down earlier in the day.  Then he lost his entire post.  Then he passed out asleep I assume.  So, here is my open thread for day 2.  I didn't take notes but I did take some video.

All the videos are at

If you scroll down you want to start at "Guys in ice getting loose."  Like IN the ice.

So, here are my quick thoughts.  Landeskog dialed in his shot today with the drills.  He was picking corners and showed a lot of accuracy.  Otherwise he's got real balanced and powerful skating stride.  He's got really good vision and creative backhand passing.  He's got some problems handling hot passes on his backhand for the second day in a row that i've seen.

For all the defensemen, the rookie camp has been next to useless unless you're an offensive minded guy.  Transition passing to shots on goal aren't going to reveal weaknesses of a guy in his own end.  I was hoping to see more one on ones or at least some defensive focus for the D.  But it was all puck handling and shooting.  So with that in mind Siemens, O'donnell and Rutitowski might not shine here but Elliott and Barrie certainly do. 

For the rookie stuff I thought Meurs had a much better day.  He showed better puck control and skated really well.  Malone looked good as well.

The excitement of the day came when Varley and Mueller took the ice.  Varley is very quick but let in some goals I'm sure he's not used to seeing go in.  I don't know when he got back from Russia but I suspect he's not totally back in MST zone quite yet.  Mueller is so talented.  His shot is super nasty.  He looked really good in 75% shinny with no contact.  Other guys that stood out on the West rink were Mercier with a good shot and Lindstrom.  His shot is heavy and pretty darned accurate.  He's got a laser of a wrister and a mean slapper too.  Gally looked great. O'Bryne is the only guy hitting in these shinny games.  He just laughs and the guys he's hitting looked irked but then see who did it and... chuckle. 

On the East rink I saw Landeskog make some nifty passes before everyone got real tired and silly.  Jones, O'Reilly and Hejduk looked great.  Hedja is a real smooth criminal with his skating, great feet.  He could care less about shooting the puck. 

So there you have it.  That's all I can remember for the moment.  Ask questions about guys and I'll do my best. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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