Summary of camp from a reader point of view

I should probably just post this in a comment but I would like any verification on anything I said, right or wrong.  I have read these post religiously.  Also from other sites from what seems to be reliable sources.  So, no bleacher report and no puck daddy.  I hope other people post what they saw or think as well as ask questions. 

The  boys look good.  Skating for a purpose on the most part.  I've heard SOB and Johnson talk about how thankful they were to have such a large turnout.  I hope this makes a difference, especially knowing they will get support regardless of a season they had.


Johnson is playing like a number 1 overall.  Expect a career year from him.  Hejda is playing like advertised big and a great complement to Johnson.  Finally a top pair.  This has got to help the PK and the 5 on 5.  I am excited about this.

Quincy with Wilson is a recipe for disaster.  Quincy seems to be a lock in the defensive lineup.  Playing more offensive.  Wilson seems to be having his best camp and he is still on the bubble.  That is great news.  ROB, I haven't heard anything about, which for a defensive specialist that is probably a good sign.  However, these guys will be more tested in game situations.  Same thing for SOB (I personally think he will be a solid guy for the Avs blue line.  I dont think he is a top pair but I think he brings that nasty side which will be nice when the doublemint twins are cycling the puck for 45 seconds without the Avs laying a body on the freak shows.  I think he will also help the PK if he is not in the box).

Hunwick and Cumisky have done nothing to impress, although Hunwick is sitting better then Cumisky.  Elliot is better then Barrie on the offense.  Barrie is better Defensively.  Both are still in the hunt for a roster spot.  Holos hasn't had his name called out much, neither has Gaunce.  Choinard has kinda played himself out with spotty defense and the unwillingness to let go of the Howitzer.  

Siemens is everything as advertised on defense, also everything as advertised on offense or lack thereof.  Maybe next year, and he played great with everyone, but I heard he played best with Quincy.  Garrett Meurs has been a great surprise.  Don't expect him anytime soon, but someday he will be a NHL player.


Duchene is the best player.  His line of Mueller and The Duke has been great however, lacking the finishing touch.  SOS and his linemates are on fire and might be the best line the Avs had a camp in a while or at least best this year.  Jolaids (Lindstrom) and Jones are playing like they need to prove something.  I guess they all do.  SOS is playing like last year was a fluke.  Jones is playing like last year was not a fluke.  Jolaids is playing like he wants to be on a top line not just "to make a team".  I love that mentality.  I would probably say he is the best suprise of camp this year.  Radar is tearing it up but as AJ has said he is playing some AHL talent.  I hope your wrong.  Gali is 200+lbs.  That is another type of player all together.  He also seems to be faster.  I cant wait to see how this translates. 

Landy had a great rookie camp, but seems to be struggling.  Maybe struggling is the wrong word, not living up to expectations.  I am not worried though, its only three days and it takes some time to get used to the activity.  Playing on a line with Radar and Gali is not a punishment, but it seems to be the case right now.

Winnik seems to be having a good camp.  McLoud knows his spot is in danger and is playing like  the Highlander we know he can be.  Silent Jay is not getting any praise, AJ said he is having a great camp.  Porter is playing like Porter.  Malone is having a good camp and wonder how his fight with Donnelly went today (so I heard there was one).  

Bordello probably dont have enough to make the team.  Yip has kinda doomed himself.  Kobasew might be the only guy playing worse then Yip.  Olver and Walker are having great camps but not good enough.  



Varlamov is playing better then we knew he could be.  His glove was his weakness, but seemed to be strong.  Still getting his legs and emotions ready for the year.

Giggy has improved and provides some good leadership.  Has played well and is also still getting his legs.

Cann- was getting better but this might be his last year at this camp.  To much competition coming next year.  Didn't prove he can make the difference.

Pickard - haven't heard anything about him.  Kept getting promises about his game but haven't read or seen anything 

Sami Aittokallio- Has the raw talent to be a good goalie, if he can polish his game up.  Seems to be better in a game then practice.  Almost seems that he is better then Pickard.  Is this right? is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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