Opening Night Tickets

UPDATE: People have been asking questions again about this, so I'm re-posting the details. See below for full explanation; here's the brief one:

MHH will have a special link to buy tickets for opening night. Through this link, you will (1) get the same deal that's given to pre-sale eligible peeps and (2) be able to pick your seat location. You can buy multiple tickets. The link will go live on Sept. 19, 2011. Yes, that is two days after the regular season ticket sales start

I have no doubt that tickets WILL be available as Sakic's retirement ceremony game didn't sell in those first two days by any stretch of the imagination. However, if you feel unsure and want to buy your tickets the day they're available, by all means do. MHH doesn't get anything for tickets purchased through the link. It's a courtesy Jake Godber of the Avalanche Group Ticket Sales department is doing for us. Just remember you won't get the free tickets by doing that.

If you have any other questions, please email me or leave them in the comments. Thanks guys!


Colorado Avalanche vs. Detroit Red Wings

Saturday, October 8th at 7:00PM

On Saturday, October 8th the Colorado Avalanche will retire Peter Forsberg’s #21 to the rafters of Pepsi Center in a pre-game ceremony.  When you purchase the home opener, you get another game for freeMile High Hockey will receive an exclusive link that will allow its members to access the discounts below.  This link will be provided shortly and be in service Monday, September 19th at 9am.  For questions please contact Jake Godber with the Colorado Avalanche at (303) 405-6183 or at




Prime Loge - $132 per seat

Lower Level Corner - $112 per seat

Lower Level End - $112 per seat


Club Level Centers - $140 per seat

Club Level Sides - $130 per seat

Club Level Corner - $115 per seat

Club Level End - $102 per seat


Upper Level Center - $68 per seat

Upper Level Corner - $50 per seat

Upper Level End - $37 per seat



11/2 vs. Phoenix

11/10 vs. Islanders

11/23 vs. Vancouver

11/28 vs. Dallas

11/30 vs. New Jersey

12/13 vs. San Jose

12/21 vs. St. Louis

12/29 vs. Phoenix



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