Should old acquaintance be forgot: Looming Trade Deadline

The trade deadline is looming and the blogs are electric with unwarranted anticipation and blind optimism of what this season's trade deadline will hold for each fan's team. There has been talk of Semin and Parise coming to the Mile High City as well as well-spoken, pretentious cynics fashionable shooting down ideas of those names ever lacing them up for the burgundy and blue.

But what of the collateral damage? What player will we give or best (or maybe not so) when we see them shipped to Boston, Toronto or Buffalo? show only goalies Giguere and Varlamov as well as Hejda, Landeskog, Kobasew, O'Byrne and Stastny as the only players signed after this season ( And as far as untouchables I would say that Varlamov, Johnson, Duchene, O'Reilly and Landeskog are the only players safe come February 27th. I imagine guys like Yip and Hunwick don't exactly have any expectation of a lofty return, but we do have talent. Let's take a look...

David Jones- Likely pitched as a Top-6 guy to other teams despite his sub par performance this season. It probably time for the organization and him to part ways unless he can really game going. Even then, it could just be more incentive to the team buying him.

Shane O'Brien- A new fan favorite, but I fear he was signed for trade value alone. He has played well, a little penalty prone but that comes from being a real jerk around the net. Good for him. If the team does trade him, still worth it. O'Brien is a good Av and I hope he stays.

Kyle Quincey- BAMF. Can't believe he's on here. Great talent with some inconsistency. Quincey can he are score when he is on his game he is some of the best 2-way defending you can watch. Philly needs some defense and have a ton of forward depth. Quincey for JVR? I'll take it, but I'll take BAMF most days as well. Boston doesn't want to break up there team but wants Defensive depth. Quincey for a 1st rounder? Maybe the last first rounder, but a man can dream. Could be a big part of our future, too. He's an interesting case.

Paul Stastny- Oh, Paulie. We do love you here at MHH, but your name is always in the rumor mill. Why? One of the best 2-Way players with unparalleled vision. But since Sherman has been the Sheriff, and especially after they traded away your linemate, Chris Stewart, you have been considered expendable. I'd like the depth down the middle and to throw some talent on your wings, but maybe the bridge has been burned. It is a mystery, but Avalanche fans will have there eye on you for the next 6 weeks. If he's traded, we better get someone that makes Matt Duchene better.

JS Giguere- I wouldn't do it. He's the glue that holds this team together, but Desjardins is playing out of his mind with Lake Erie and Tampa really needs a goaltender. Columbus, too. And Jiggy wants to start. Just saying it isn't out of the question

Jay McClement- Veteran defensive forwards are crucial in the playoffs and JayMac is a UFA. Nuff said. Great on the PK, a fantastic fourth line center. Capable third line center.

Ryan Wilson- If he gets traded it better be real good. This kid is a stud and should keep getting better for a few years.

Ryan O'Byrne- Big D-man with playoff experience. Very valuable commodity. Don't count him out. I think he is the type of player Boston was really talking about when they said "Depth players" and not actually Kyle Quincey type guys.

Hunwick, Porter, Yip, McLoed... these guys would all be part of some minor package deal if they get shipped. Not a ton of people would miss them too much anyways. We're just going in a different direction. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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