All Star Game Thread

OTTAWA, ON - JANUARY 29: Scott Hartnell #19 0f the Philadelphia Flyers and team Alfredsson autographs official All-Star sweaters in the locker room during the 2012 NHL Tim Hortons NHL All-Star Game at Scotiabank Place on January 29, 2012 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Yesterday, Team Alfredsson kicked Team Chara's collective arse. I'm sure somebody's out for a bit of face saving today. Some folks dig the All Stars Game. Some think it's kind of lame. For those who fall in the latter category, perhaps Puck Daddy's ASG Drinking Game might help:


• For each goal scored in the game.

• Anytime a Toronto Maple Leafs player is booed.

• They show a highlight from a previous All-Star Game.

Jeremy Roenick says something that you just don't quite understand.

Alex Ovechkin's absence is mentioned.

• You see a shot a the Rideau Canal.

• Every time Daniel Alfredsson passes to a non-Swedish teammate.

• There's a shot from a goal cam or a helmet cam.

• Someone mentions a player on Twitter or reads a tweet from a player.

• The words "pond hockey" or "shinny" are spoken.

• Each time an All-Star is referenced as a former Ottawa Senators.

• There's an offside call.

Patrick Kane's Superman act and/or Corey Perry's mini-stick are referenced.

• Every time Pierre McGuire tells a player to "have some fun out there".

• Glenn Healy gets upset at something random.

• Any talking head on either NBC Sports Network or CBC complains about All-Star Weekend.


• Each time Scott Hartnell falls down. #HartnellDown

• Al Iafrate's skullet is shown when discussing the history of the Hardest Shot competition.

• You spot a Jersey Foul.

• If someone throws a body check.

• If someone mentions Henrik and Daniel Sedin are brothers.

• Tim Thomas's politics are mentioned.

• Pierre McGuire makes an odd comment about any player.

Sidney Crosby's absence is mentioned.

• Someone is shown eating a beaver tail.


• If Dan Girardi drops down to block a shot.

• If someone throws a hip check. (CHUG: If that player isn't a Bruin, Leaf or Flyer.)

• Someone is shown eating a beaver.

• Patrick Kane hits on a blonde near the glass.

• If Zdeno Chara hurts someone with a slap shot.

• When you watch Don Cherry on Coach's Corner and you're eager for him to start playing on his invisible piano.


• If a player gets called for a penalty.

• A mic'd up player curses on air.

• The game goes to a shootout.

• Somebody refers to Drake as "Drizzy".

• A goalie posts a scoreless period.

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