Lake Erie takes Grand Rapids in Preseason Opener WITH BONUS LOCKOUT COMMENTARY!

the Lake Erie Monsters felled the Grand Rapids Griffins within the first five minutes of play in a 3-1 preseason contest in Toledo on saturday.

giving up three goals on the first four shots, Griffins goalie Thomas McCollum blew it big time early on for the nemesis farm club. Brad Malone got it started with a tally in the first 65 seconds. Michael Sgarbossa and Geoff Walker collaborated on a Paul Carey goal in little over three minutes later. the Monsters collect insurance when d-man Barry Goers finds the twine around the 12 minute mark of the 1st period served up by Ben Wilson.

Landor Ferraro cracked the goose egg for Grand Rapids early in the second twenty. Sami Aittokallio left the ice with 6:32 left in the second period stopping 19 of 20 threats. Kieran Millan took over in the crease and negated the remaining assault of 11 shots, assuring Sami and the Monsters the practice win.

Lake Erie will wrap up their preseason schedule against Grand Rapids in Ann Arbor tonight. Their season opener begins in Cleveland against the OKC Barons on friday.

nice to see the cattle our minors get a win for the Colorado Avalanche nation in the preseason. they stuck it to the Detroit Red Wings organization and gave us a lil something to take our minds off the kids in the sandbox fighting over who gets the bucket and who gets the shovel, canceling regular season games in the process.

one question, ol' boy Duncan Siemens. i understand he played with LE at the end of their season. why is he not on the team this year? i found out in cupcakes this kid was stripped of the C in Saskatoon. maybe its a good thing? if hes gonna be the guy whos too big to go to team functions then we dont want him coming up yet. i hope hes not gonna be the next Alexander Semin in the tude department. though the Siemens/Semin coincidence in alliteration is somewhat disturbing. if thats the case, the Chris Stewart, Erik Johnson swap could be heavily affected. like anyone cares about that anymore.

i hardly ever pay attention to football, but ive observed a sudden spike in my interest for the game just recently. only, i must say, watching all this football lately only makes me depressed that MY SPORT is locking me out. a poor substitute for hockey as it may be, i find myself getting into the Broncos more than i would have if big league vulcanized rubber were being slapped around the ice. im really excited to see what we can do against the Pats today.

but im seriously sick the entire time about my unfortunateness as an NHL fan. i cant stop thinking about how boring football is compared to hockey. i need a new drug, but i can help it. im hooked, and the shakes are setting in...

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