Daily Cupcakes- February 23rd, 2012

Feb 22 2012; Denver, CO, USA; Colorado Avalanche center Paul Stastny (26) is congratulated for his goal by center Matt Duchene (9) during the second period against the Los Angeles Kings at the Pepsi Center. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE

TSN's recap of the game:

The 24-year-old Downie arrived in the Mile High City late Tuesday and was so eager to get to the rink that he hardly slept.

"It was disappointing taking off on the plane (and leaving the Lightning)," he said. "But it was even more exciting landing."

Duchene said this was his longest layoff from hockey since he was 12 years old and broke his leg.

The skilful scorer took advantage of the down time by watching hockey -- lots of it -- and catching up on his reading. He's finishing up Drew Brees' book "Coming Back Stronger: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Adversity."

"I've been reading it before game days," said Duchene, who had an assist on Stastny's second goal. "I used the time to not only heal my body, but heal my mind as well. Now, I feel really refreshed physically and mentally."

An interview with Pat Quinn about the Trade Deadline.

Does it seem like the trade deadline has gotten bigger over the years?
"Yeah, it’s certainly taken a different life. It’s sort of evolved, like the business has evolved. As you deal with new collective bargaining agreements, with more teams and other controls through that collective bargaining agreement, it kind of still centres as a day when things happen, one way or another. It didn’t seem like there was as many teams involved with fighting for that last playoff spot like there is in both conferences here now. So that makes it even more interesting for the fan, to look for something that could happen."

So, you might ask, what is Graham James facing with the Theo Fleury case? I'll tell you, but you won't like it.

Crown counsel Colleen McDuff is seeking a six-year jail sentence, while Mr. James's lawyer is asking for a conditional sentence of up to 18 months. Judge Carlson will hand down her sentence on March 20.

As he left the courtroom, Mr. Holt said his life has turned around. He has a loving family, a new job and has been sober for years. "I can look at [Mr. James] today like I have my own life now," he said. "I got that power back. He doesn’t have that control that he had any more."

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