3 point win inquiry

Sorry to previous writers and readers of MHH as I am too lazy to look back in the archives to see if this idea has been mentioned before, but here it goes anyway....

As well as being a diehard Avs fan, I do enjoy football quite a lot. No, not American football, but rather European football or Futbol or the boring term - soccer. As hopefully most of you know their scoring system is typically 3 points for a win and 1 point for a tie (no OT in most soccer matches, unless in a tournament). I personally think the NHL should adopt a similar system. Give me a second to explain here... I still want OT and shootouts in hockey, but I want Wins=3 points and I want OT losses=1 point.

We have seen teams at times, especially late in the season, that are in the lead in a playoff race just settle for OT so they both at least get a point for a dreaded 3 point game. I HATE this, even if/when the Avs do it,because they are playing the system. I feel there would be greater intensity to get the win if it was worth 3 points. Comments like "we're happy to get the point" or "an OT loss is ok" bother me. A loss is a loss no matter what, and just because it went to OT doesnt mean a team deserves 50% of a win. Now, 33.33∞% seems more justified to me. Your team still gets a point, but it does not reflect nearly as much in the standings as it did before. I believe this would also be more fair in separating which teams are really better than the others rather than a clusterfuck of: Avs, Ducks, Stars, Yotes, Kings, Wild etc. For example:

W. Conference standings (partial), seen as: Current System - New System

Phoenix 69 pts. - 99 pts.

L.A. 66 pts. - 93 pts.

Calgary 65 pts - 93 pts.

Dallas 64 pts. - 94 pts.

Colorado 64 pts. - 94 pts.

Minney 61 pts. - 87 pts.

Anaheim 60 pts. - 85pts.

Maybe my argument isn't as strong as I thought seeing these numbers playing out nearly as bad as they are now... but in theory, I feel the players would play harder to get 2 more points if it went into OT and I still stand behind the idea that it would be harder to "play" the system if a total of 4 points was being awarded rather than 3 in OT. Overall, just an idea of mine but feel free to rip it to shreds as I crawl back into my hole. btw, GO AVS is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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