It's beyond 3 am, and you know what that means. Weesnaw... time to splewge an avalanche of thoughts about the Avalanche. Fortunately, I'm a liar and alcohol is not influencing this post. Furthermore, PBR is the truth... The jump? What does that even mean? And what happens if I remove it?

Obviously, I can't sugarcoat things. I am extremely frustrated right now with the Avs, and why not... At the ripe old age of 8, I was gifted a hockey team with Hall of Fame talent that brought a Stanley Cup to Colorado. I grew up idolizing Joe, Peter, and Patrick. Not a bad trio if you ask me. The thing that sucks about these Avs is that I really think they do care. I really think they want to win. It's just not happening. And I don't think it's their fault. Honestly, I just don't think that this team is talented enough. It seems that every game they work their asses off, and get donkey for a result. Look at what they are running out in their top 6 right now.

O'Reilly... 0.72 ppg

Stastny... 0.63 ppg

Hejduk... 0.56 ppg

Landeskog.... 0.50 ppg

Jones??... 0.31 ppg

Galiardi??... 0.27 ppg

Mueller..... 0.42 ppg (Limited action, but gotta love the heart Muells has shown.... Really rooting for him)

It's an absolute joke. O'Reilly is having a breakout season, and he is supposed to be the third best offensive center on the team. Stastny is having an off year at 0.63 ppg. Are we doing dishes, cause i need a rag... err to rag... on Paul Stastny. That seems to be the motto of the Avalanche fanbase, and hard to fault them. But how about Duchene? Golden Boy Duchene. He is averaging a robust 0.62 ppg. He's probably the most dynamic player in the lineup, but he's not even in the lineup right now... Until this team gets some steeze in their top lines that can consistently tickle the twine, holy shit, why are we beefing about losses? Seriously. It pains me to watch these guys, because i feel like more often than not they are the hardest working team on the ice. They have guys that take losses extremely hard (Radar, Jiggy)... and yet... they come up short.

It sucks to lose against the division. It sucks to be floundering during the second half.. yet again, and it sucks that I feel like this team just doesn't have the pieces it takes to get the job done. Sure we can plop Sacco in the toilet and flush him to see if he goes round and round, but really, it's the players. We have guys that just aren't delivering right now. You gotta make a play. Your big names need to show up when it matters most. Kevin Bieksa doesn't even like frosting, and he is straight up gobbling Erik Johnson's cake this season. This afternoon, Bieksa made two plays during crunch time. Something the Avs haven't done in weeks. EJ..... I don't even remember the last time I imaginary high fived you...

It was said tonight, in my small apartment, that PBR is the Truth. While there are better beers out there... right now the Avs are PBR. They need to own it... swagger up, and go out there and play like they know they are gonna win. Sure they aren't a porter or a stout, but shit. They come in a can. The Can. Altitude recipe. Play with an attitude. Winning isn't about working hard. It's about knowing you're a winner, and going out there and making it happen. The old Avs knew that. The new Avs need to learn that.

Don't drink and post kids....

My pillow looks amazing.



PS... My roommate this year is from Norway. I told him there is nothing like going to an Avs game during the playoffs. He leaves this summer. C'mon Avs. Don't do me dirty. Let me take my viking roommate to an Avalanche playoff game! is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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