In addition to are the Avs getting jabbed?

I suck at trying to figure this crap out about how to embed pictures, or tables, or graphs or whatever to comments so I figured this would be the easiest way to do it.

Great post by DDC in terms of looking at our PP opportunities this year and the trend over the last 10 seasons, I just wanted to add in a look at the PP:PK time discrepency that we have seen this season, and how it has looked over the past 9 season (that's as far as the data will go on


Here's a graph comparing the Avs PP-PK over the past nine seasons with the best and worst teams in the league in each of the past season. The 11-12 numbers are prorated to 82 games. Also I identified the worst teams at the bottom of the chart.

The Avs have had a nice downward trend since peaking in 07-08, Sakic's last season (I don't bother looking at those 15 games in 08-09). Perhaps having such a class act on our team for so long gave us some respect around the league amonst the officiating crews?? Meh who knows, even as we've descended it hasn't been so bad, at least not as bad as it has been this season. Perhaps it's just our turn, and we'll see a return back to parity in terms of receiving and giving PP's?? However there is a distinct difference between us and the 2nd worst team (graphed in an awesome purple dashed line) in the league (currently Dallas), with the difference being over 40 mins. That difference is the 2nd largest in the 9 season span. The largest was 06-07 when FLA was 43 mins worse than the Islanders.

I was surprised to see the Red Wings as the worst team in 02-03 but a quick look at their lineup of McCarty, Maltby, Draper, Shannahan, Chelios, and Avery, sort of makes sense and only 16 GP from captain Steve Yzerman ensured that the team gooned it up and were undisciplined.

As I was gathering the information I kept noticing a team that was hovering around with some healthy + values year in and year out and decided to throw them up on the graph. Holy jumpin'!! Look at those Canes, they are a hair behind CBJ (how do you get so many more PP opportunities yet rank dead last in the league standings?) this season, and they lead the league last year, and in the 5-on-5-less '05-'06 season. Just for fun I also looked at the 9 year average, average since the lockout, and the last 3 seasons average for each of the 30 teams to have a peak at what else is going on:

9 Year Average Post Lockout Average Last 3 Years
CAR 102.62 109.30 83.75
SJS 66.92 75.78 13.96
NJD 53.80 49.53 8.04
TBL 47.42 27.93 -0.91
NSH 40.08 14.74 29.94
LAK 35.45 41.69 -0.63
MIN 25.87 2.85 -21.81
BUF 19.28 22.26 0.40
PHX 14.55 30.50 7.55
TOR 12.08 37.60 72.45
WPG 11.88 4.72 -8.20
DAL 8.60 15.05 14.37
PIT 4.79 9.12 -7.11
CBJ -0.24 -15.41 18.32
COL -0.36 -2.17 -52.34
DET -4.20 15.95 31.43
EDM -4.83 -14.02 -20.41
CGY -5.20 -13.39 -1.28
VAN -13.52 -24.49 -41.35
STL -17.32 -15.59 -34.80
NYR -18.07 -3.83 13.82
OTT -19.36 -40.04 -63.82
MTL -28.22 -39.64 -66.74
BOS -41.39 -29.26 -4.21
NYI -41.47 -37.34 20.28
CHI -41.51 -27.56 39.89
PHI -44.85 -42.35 -7.50
FLA -50.41 -49.06 45.15
ANA -55.80 -61.00 -31.96
WSH -62.39 -49.39 -49.42

Wow... maybe Carolina should be renamed the Saints. The Avs have certainly been trending negatively the past 3 years, maybe we need to get a gentlemanly captain again who has attained a certain level of respect around the league?? Hejduk is a veteran but isn't outspoken enough, and when Foote wore the C, he was terrific but he wasn't fooling any official about the type of game he was playing. Nice to see that all the bickering the Canucks and their coach and GM do about the officiating and officials over the years has gotten them nowhere, and been more of a negative impact than anything.

Anyways, just wanted to share a brief look at what's happening with our Avs and perhaps we'll be able to start trending upwards again soon. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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