Fan's Guide to Denver: Suggestions Needed

DENVER, CO - MARCH 12: The Colorado Avalanche celebrate their 3-2 overtime victory over the Anaheim Ducks at the Pepsi Center on March 12, 2012 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

As I mentioned in this thread, I think it would be pretty awesome if we put together a list of "locals' favorites" for all of the out-of-towners who have questions about where to eat, park, etc. when they come to an Avs game. This doesn't just go for our opponent's fans - this guide could be extremely helpful for non-Denverite Avs fans as well. I have a few suggestions of my own, but since I'm not exactly a local, I'm definitely going to need some help putting this together.

How I'd like this thread to work: I'm going to post some categories. If you would fill in your suggestions for each, that would be great. Also, if you see someone with a suggestion you really like, reply to their post with a "+1 for (whatever it is that you like)" or just include it in your own list. Explanations on why these place are good are also helpful - I'll post at least some of them in the final guide. At the end, I'll go through and count how many votes each get and do a Top 5 or Top 10 (or maybe even a Top 19 List depending on the number of suggestions) for each category.

Also, if you have another category/suggestion, let me know. I'm probably going to forget something, so give me the head's up and I'll add it to the list.

Here are the Categories:

  • Best Places to Buy Tickets (at the door, Stubhub, TicketHorse, etc. - where are the best deals?)
  • Best Places to Stay (good hotels are always nice - are there some good ones nearby that won't break the bank?)
  • Best Places to Park (right by the Pepsi Center, somewhere else nearby - please include prices if you can)
  • Best Places to Eat on a Budget ($8 and under for a typical meal and within close walking/driving distance of the Pepsi Center)
  • Best Places to Eat for a Special Dinner ($9 and up for a typical meal)
  • Best Places to Grab a Drink (both Pre/Post a game and/or during a game if you didn't get tickets)
  • Best Local Brew (this is MHH. Recommending alcoholic beverages is what we do, so what's the best of the best brewed in Denver/Colorado?)
  • Other Fun Things To Do in Denver (Preferably within walking/easy driving distance of the Pepsi Center, so stuff like the 16th Street Mall, the Zoo, Museum of Nature and Science, parks (because we're not Winnipeg), Elitches, etc.)
  • Other Fun Things To Do in Colorado (skiing, punching elk in the face in Rocky Mt. National Park, scenic drives, Ft. Collins brewery tours, etc.)

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