Varly interview by Slava Malamud

Varly gave an interview in Russian over the phone to Slava Malamud, and it was published in Sport Express on 3/2/2012. Here is the Google translate of the interview.

Semyon Varlamov: Weight of the Denver Mountains off His Shoulders



Slava Malamud, Washington

After a weak start in the Colorado the Russian goalie in February, took advantage of the fact that the injury was his rival, Jean-Sebastien Giguere and scoring three wins in the last three games, came back to the leadership

They say that Ilya Bryzgalov much responsibility hung. He came to the big-name club, where the long wait for the normal goalkeeper, there was a lot of money, came under the microscope, not to mention the fact that, say, the particular nature of Togliatti [note: city in Russia that Bryzgalov is from and where he played hockey] nugget is very much in contrast with the Philadelphia fans and their very unequivocal position in life.

But Bryz a veteran, and he has not had to handle such pressure. But the press, which came under his colleague and compatriot, Semyon Varlamov Volga region [note: Togliatti and Samara, Varly's hometown are in the Volga Region, located near the Volga River], perhaps even worse would be. Semyon came to the Colorado is not only a decent contract, but also in exchange for the future of the club (Avalanche has given the Russian goalkeeper for the right to choose the first and second round draft pick). In contrast, Bryzgalov, the reputation of former stars and it has no merit, that is, paid for it was not at market value, and in advance. Given his history of injuries, attention to it at least close. But the standards by which the club of Patrick Roy, goalie measure, certainly not below Philadelphia.

Therefore, when the average number of missed goals stretched to three Semyon, and place in the gate, Colorado took a long time veteran of Giguere, a guy was scary. However, to overcome the difficulties almost the entire history of overseas career Varlamov, which began with a broken leg at the 2008 World Cup in Quebec [note: I think Varly actually injured the ligaments in his ankle, not broke his leg]. Giguere injured, Varlamov returned to the gate, and the case for Semyon went smoothly. Now, after several brilliant performances in a row, including a third cracker of the season, he was again in top form. And above all very well!

"You can say that some of the weight of Colorado mountains finally fell from your shoulders? Or is it too early to relax," I said Varlamov when he, as he had promised the previous day, called me from Denver.

All right. I do not want too much about the subject of my game, but I will say that the team has recently added significantly. Score were greater in the better defensive play. That's nice, of course.

Here you have recently recognized the star of the second game of the day for a dry victory in Columbus. Before this was the first star of the match with the Los Angeles. After all, you personally things were getting better.

It's nice when the estimate, but the second star of the day and all that it's not such great achievements. That would get in the playoffs, yes, you can say that I have achieved something.

It was hard to sit through so many games in stock?

There was a time when I have the game did not go well. The coach made the right decision. If a goalie plays well, and the other does not work, should be put on who is better at the moment. Giguere played great, nothing to say. But he now plays great. So what about any grievances there, as I sat on the bench, there could be no. Sat, worried about the team.

For the goalkeeper moral commitment, assurance the most important things. How to keep yourself in the proper tone when sitting on the bench?

We have to work and about what not to think so. Telling yourself that your chance may occur at any time and for him to be ready. Bench because life does not end there. This is just another lesson from which to benefit.

I do not know how you're superstitious, but the season is still almost no injuries. Finally. What has changed?

I think it's not just. First of all, I am very good job in the summer. I had a new coach for general physical preparation, which greatly helped just with the problems that arose in my three years in a row. I also want to say that the doctors in the Colorado work fine, and if there were any microtrauma or a slight indisposition, eliminate all in a day or two.

Immediately after the match in Columbus dry your team played in Detroit, but you're still in stock. As a coach it is explained?

No explanation. But, apparently, took the right decision when the team won a guest of the Red Wings.

Next match are you?

That I was just rolling on the pre-match to find out. The match, by the way, Anaheim, against my former coach Bruce Boudreau.

Statistics of you until recently was not very good, and suddenly everything changed, the game went on. Something specific happen?

Success depends on the psychology of the goalkeeper. When there is any problem, it is always reflected in the game. At your level you will not leave. I confess that when I had a bad string of games that come out of this track was very difficult. Readjust mentally, I mean. And with such a busy schedule must be able to have a day game after a failed get fresh, nothing to think about. In general, problem I had, but I have already managed to forget.

The fans in Denver are not booing?

It is. I perfectly understand them. They were unhappy with me. But my job involves the ability to escape from all that is not a game. If you listen to that screaming fans, read the press, think about all this, diverted, it is no good will not.

What is felt is the biggest difference with the Washington?

A lot of what is. The team then young, some places do not have enough experience. All this will take time, and the potential of the guys are very good. Again, the system here is quite different. Press to Washington to pay more attention to hockey than here. There, after Ovechkin, Backstrom one of the best players in the league.

And in Denver, probably, except for the NFL star Tim Tebow, do not recognize anyone.

Yeah, even I, quite indifferent to American football people will not able to get away from his family. While the Denver Broncos win, there is going on ... But the fans, Colorado rooting for their team no worse than Washington. Spectators in the stands a lot, regardless of the results.

Tracking for Washington?

Of course. A bit surprised that a team with such a composition, with such stars are in this position. I do not know what's going on inside the club, but wish them luck. With these players in the playoffs, they must go.

Accustomed to the high mountains? Never in fact in this landscape had not lived. You have all of the Volga region is relatively flat.

(Laughs) Yeah, everything is fine. This is just the first few weeks of acclimatization took place. But in general, of course, as a new life began, the city, meeting new people, location, nature everything else. All the love, I feel comfortable. Weather is also not worried. I still got a year ago, SUV or even a tire change was not necessary here so in the summer and go without any problems.

Then let us arrange your check to the Colorado potato flavor. You know, what is the state of the main local delicacy?

I am ashamed to admit it, but have no idea. Tell me?

Advice. It's called Rocky Mountain oysters.

What is it?

Very simply fried bull testicles. So, if you offer you know ...

(Laughs) So what? If you like local, may be worth a try? is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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