Time to play: guess the Avs new slogan!

Given MHH’s sustained disappointment with the Avs marketing slogans over the last few years, I thought we could take some time while they/he are golfing and glibly outdo/make fun of their efforts. I apologize if I accidentally pilfer anyone’s ideas. Sometimes I read something I like, forget about it and then later it reemerges in a moment of déjà vu brilliance which illuminates little other than my stupidity. Which reminds me, there needs to be a nickname for when someone responds to the wrong thread and looks foolish. Just a suggestion, someone get on that.

Oh, I also have a hazy recollection of something similar to this being done in the past. Nonetheless, it is till fun.

Walmart jabs

“Always’s the low cap figure. Always.”

“Watch for falling Tuckers.”

Avalanche: one of the most cost-effective teams in the NHL from a goal-getting for dollars perspective.”

“We play hockey. Please buy tickets.”

Many more after the jump, but be warned: I favoured quantity over quality. And feel free to add your own categories. .


“Avs one of the, if not the nicest teams, you could ever hope to watch.”

“Night in, night out, you just feel that they are on the verge of starting to really figure out what it takes to be a truly great hockey team.”

“Avalanche: a show of strenth”

(with all due respect, Mr. Rycroft) “Gosh Darnit! Those Avalanche are getting’ me all fired up.”

MHH originals . . . (help me out here)

“It’s all about the meh” –Avsauggy

“buy tickets and you won’t have to squint at hockey through the distracting graphics on the bottom third of the screen.”

Probably discarded during the brainstorming session

“It’s all about the T” dumped when Turkey Hill opted not to sponsor the Avs

“It’s all about the E” too suggestive of errors

“It’s all about the A” discarded because it was dirty.

“It’s all about the M” discarded for possible milf reference

“It’s all about the T and A” selected after a quick-thinking lackey nervously erased the “T and” when papa Stan walked in.

“Worn with panache” rejected because no one knows who panache is.

“Worn with breezers” a wide variety of hockey apparel to replace breezers was discussed, with “ a cup”, serving as a symbol of sheltered manhood, taking the most votes and “a visor” coming in 2nd.

“Worn with padding”

“Worn out with effort”

“Worn wit’ pride, arrggh!” rejected because of Meuller uncertainty

Ideas taken from Miracle

“If we play ‘em ten times we might win one”

“82 games left in the season. . . Do you believe in miracles? Yes!”

“82 games left in the season. . . Do you believe in ticket purchases? Yes!”

“You skate for Kroenke Sports Enterprises bottom line, not for the name on the front.”

“It’s all about the A.”

“Worn with Pride”

Ideas taken from Slapshot

“Puttin’ on the Fail”

“Let's show 'em what we got. Get out in those stands and let 'em know you're there.”

“Put some of your dollars in our pockets and let ‘em know you’re there.”


“We believe in a team concept. (Ergo we needn’t do the work of marketing any specific personalities, unless of course you want to shell out big for the jersey of a specific player)”

“We hope to start the game on time”

“A team of some significance.”

“What to do between Nuggets games.”

“Pssst! Over here Kroenke jr. Remember us?”

“Trading surprisingly unhigh draft picks for quality goal-tending.”

“Not last for a bunch of years in a row (in the conference).”

“Live Hockey—now virtually Julie free.”

“The Avalanche, young, cheap and okay.”

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