Varly and the Russian National team

Varly arrived in Russia this weekend to join the Russian national team at their practice facility in Novogorsk, a suburb of Moscow. The Russian national team had the media at their practice facility today. The practice on the ice was closed, but reporters were allowed to watch the players in the gym and jogging outside.





Photos by Alexander Safonov, more photos here.

Video Interview


Varly gave an interview today and the video was posted on Sportbox. He said he is happy to be around Russian guys and the national team. He enjoys their jokes and humor. He is really happy to be there.

"Right now I play on Colorado Avalanche and there are no Russians at all, so I really enjoy being here."

Power loss

After their practice, the national team facility lost power and the players returned from their jog outside to a dark facility. Luckily for us, a reporter was there to take pictures of the players in the dark. Here is Varly:



Tomorrow the Russian national team flies to Riga, to play 2 games against Latvia on the 20th and 21st, and Varly is going with them. Then they will return to Novogorsk to prepare for the Euro Hockey Tour in the Czech Republic (Landy is also playing there according to Swedish press). After that is the World Championship in Finland/Sweden starting on May 4. Most likely Varly should be the starting goalie for the World Championship.




Photo by Anton Sergienko, more pics of the Russian national team

Varly was interviewed after practice by reporters today. Here is an article by Michael Zislis of Sport-Express.

Managed to acclimatize after a flight from North America?

Now I feel fine. However, while I do not know whether I will play matches against Latvia. Perhaps the coaches tell me about it only on Thursday. But I seem to be in the squad.

Understand what the World Cup will be made ​​for you the basic rate?

When invited to the NHL goalie, everyone thinks he's number one. In my view, nothing in this plan can not be guessing. Today you're the best, tomorrow - no. Once I was invited to the team, so count on me. However, only the World Cup will show how much I'll play.

Now the gate Washington in the play-off protects the third goalkeeper. Do you think the Capitals do not regret about your exchange?

In the Washington and I have no lack of good goalkeepers. The same Holtby now plays there quite well.

Ovechkin and Semin greatly missed on the new team?

Yes, because with them I spent a lot of time playing in Washington. I came to the Colorado there is generally no one knew. Is that a couple of families heard. But in Avalanche has a lot of guys about my age, so I can easily find common language with them. More often communicate with Duchene and O'Reilly.

Who is the favorite of the Stanley Cup?

I do not care, because our team did not get into the playoffs, so I'm upset. And do not even know to whom to deliver.

As you are among a series of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia?

I, like everyone else, surprised by what happens in this confrontation. Everyone thought that with Malkin and Crosby, Penguins will be the favorites and are able to go very far. But you see that playing in the Stanley Cup are obtained completely unpredictable. At the same time, I think, Pittsburgh, despite the 0-3 in the series, will not give up easily.

Ready to evaluate the goalies in this game series?

No, I will not. I can only say that I would not want to be in their place.

The threat of imminent departure of the team not only Malkin, but also on the Detroit headed by Datsyuk. Want them to join you in the team?

Of course, I want to Malkin and Datsyuk come, and even Ovechkin and Semin. Then at the World Cup, we will act in the strongest part. On the other hand, I wish all of them, that they have proven successful in the Stanley Cup.

How would appreciate his first season in the Colorado?

It has turned out good for me. Start a success, things went as expected. But then in mid-season slump. Well, that then all returned to normal. I helped break associated with a match of stars. Rested for a week, the head snaps into place, and I again began to show their best game. "Colorado", however, did not get into the playoffs, so in terms of the result can not be completely satisfied - we did not have six points. But we have a young team, so such a statement can be considered good.

Your rival Giguere, it turns out, "ate" and is now considered the undisputed number one?

It's better you ask our head coach Joe Sacco. I can give it to the phone (laughs). But I feel that I gained over the years, spent in Washington. At the end of the season the coaches told me I played it fine.

What are linking differences in their game?

I've never spent 53 games in the regular season. In the last 40 games played back in the Lokomotiv, and it was four years ago.

Do you regret that did not have time for the matches of the national team in Yaroslavl?

He played there would be a great pleasure. Constantly reminded of the time spent in the Lokomotiv. But since I arrived just the other day, then no opportunity to participate in those games I did not have.

For the other teams have followed? Swedes lately have not all well formed.

In Eurotrip, while in North America, to follow hard. But closer to the start of the World Championship with this issue the loan. I will carefully watch how the players will come to our competitors.

To sympathize in the finals of the Gagarin Cup? [note: KHL playoffs]

No, and win it, as usual, the strongest (smiles). Now, if he listened to the Lokomotiv ​​is another matter. Indeed, in Yaroslavl, I spent so many years, which have the most fond memories.

What say about goalkeepers finalist teams?

I am impressed by the game Finn Ramo from the Vanguard. At one time, when he played for the farm club Tampa our team often met each other in the AHL.

In your opinion, the goalkeeper of Dynamo, Eremenko deserves an invitation to the team?

Sasha added considerably this year. We see how he has changed technology. I am clear that he is working with a very competent coach goalkeepers. Eremenko this season looks great as in the regular season, and now in the playoffs. And if a person is the primary team goalkeeper, playing in the finals of the Gagarin Cup, it is worthy to act in the national team.

So, you are actively watching KHL on the Internet?

No, I saw two or three games with Dynamo but long known as Sasha can play. On this basis and concluded that he had gained great.

From F-Sport article by Alan Shilov:

"Whenever the goalkeeper comes out of the NHL, much is expected of him, everyone thinks he's number one. But I am one did not give any guarantees, I will be the first or second. Must first prove his game show on the ice, you're the best. Because today you are the best, worst and tomorrow, everything is changing very quickly" Varlamov said.

"The season ended a week ago, I flew to Moscow four days ago, stayed two days in Moscow, on Monday arrived in the team. For the third day of getting ready. I rested, recovered, acclimatization is almost over, a couple of days, and will generally feel fine . I do not know who will play matches against Latvia, we'll see. I am always ready to play. Tomorrow will tell, I'm going or not," said Varlamov. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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