Varly interview

Varly gave an interview to He talks about his first season in Colorado, learning English, the Caps, and some about Lokomotiv. Here is the google translate of the interview.

Goalkeeper Colorado and the team of Russia Semyon Varlamov: Breathe air

by Dinara Kafiskina

With the goalie Colorado and the Russian national team Semyon Varlamov, we met at a training camp in Novogorsk, where he is in the national team is preparing for the upcoming game Euro Tour and World Championships. Varly, as Varlamov was called in the NHL, was in a good mood, acclimatization was successful. From a physical form, too, everything is in order. So the reason for the excitement such as no. But Simon as he was, and remains a very humble guy. Never sticks out his "I". And this time I was immediately asked to pass on the first and second goalie. He said that we should not consider it "vorotchikom" number one just because he plays in the NHL.

Last summer, was named to the SKA

"In fact, all the goalies, who are now in the position of our team is good," says Semyon. "And plus there's Alex Eremenko. In my opinion, Dynamo he spends a great season. It is quite possible after the final play-off will be able to join the ranks of the Russian national team. In the meantime, I wish him luck in the upcoming match in Omsk. Goalkeeper Avangard Karri Ramo also a very good master. I remember him more for the game overseas."

You spent his first season of Colorado. What do you think, have added significantly compared with the way the played in the Washington?
Of course. On the whole season was not easy. I flew up and fell. But what is gained invaluable experience, that's for sure. Never played 53 matches per season. Games have been a day or every day. The last time I spent 40 matches for Lokomotiv four years ago. And in the Washington defended the 27 games and was injured. Of course, they were a nuisance. After they took time to recover. In the summer after the season I made the findings and decided that you need to prepare something different. PFD was replaced by coach. He was engaged with him in full. And with the new forces went to play in the Colorado. In general, I think, for our young team, we have shown good results, although not included in the playoffs.

Very upset?
Of course. But glad that my game, Joe Sacco was pleased. Praised at the end of the season. I myself feel as if the team fails. I play for my shame. Statistics are not upset. I went to every game and "chewing ice", laid out a hundred percent. In general, competition in the NHL just crazy. But I like as long as it can withstand. Someone even said that I drove Giguere. But this is better to ask the coach. If you decide to, I will give you his phone (smiles).

Maybe it's a good thing that the Washington have exchanged?
Apparently, no wonder they say that is done, all the better. Generally, at the season I had the opportunity to move to the KHL. His name, for example, in the SKA. But at that time we have agreed with the Colorado. And a contract with this club I have another two years. What I'm happy. Wow, when there is confidence in the future. I'm not a fan of the team changed. Habit, a great thing. Once you get used to the same situation and you are satisfied with refuse of all this is quite easy.

All thoughts are on the team

Well, as you will the situation in Colorado?
Everything is great. I live in the city center. My house is surrounded by mountains. Wake up, open the window and the mood lifted instantly. And I certainly can not but rejoice that almost the whole year, I was breathing pure and fresh air and enjoy this beauty.

English should be already possess in perfection?
Not bad (laughs). That is to say, I speak it well. After all, you can learn a foreign language much faster when you can not speak their native language. Whether dealing in Washington, where every day I speak with two of Alexander, Ovechkin and Semin, and before that even with Sergei Fedorov and Viktor Kozlov. I do all of them are lacking. And in the Colorado Russian and does not smell. Mere Canadians and Americans. I'm with them, of course, get in touch. Do not walk me to keep quiet and not (smiles). Plus the fact that I now have no problems with English.

And for the Washington stay at least one eye?
If only one eye. For me, this is to turn the page. I do now for the Stanley Cup does not follow. Now on what not to spray, plunged headlong into the Russian national team. Not for what team in the NHL does not get sick. Is that for our kids. I would only be glad if any of them would be put on a priceless ring. On the other hand, I would like to part with us at the World Cup was a hurricane. To super player joined the ranks of the Russian national team.

Recently in Yaroslavl Bilyaletdinov squad played against the Slovaks. It would be remarkable if it were you. After all, this city is always talking with great warmth.
When I heard about these games, just the desire to burst into flames. It would, of course, great to play at their home fans. But it was not possible. I arrived later. But I know that our out there in both matches won and they were sold out. Brought joy to the locals. Imagine how much they missed a great hockey! I'm in America for four years, but never forget the eight wonderful years when he lived and worked in Yaroslavl.

While the ocean, miss Russia?
Not a word. It is very hard. Some say: "I've been here almost as a". And I, even if he played 20 years overseas, this would not have said. I, Russian. He was born in Russia. And my family is living at home, and friends. Basically, in Yaroslavl and Samara. When I'm in the States, called up with them all the time. And that terrible tragedy that occurred with the command Lokomotiv, remember, of course, is not desirable. I knew all the students, workers. I still do not reach what happened. And very surprised and shocked that sort of guilty and did not find. Everything was blamed on the pilots, which are no longer alive! And the planes keep falling. And no one makes any conclusions. It's just awful. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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