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The new captain has seemed to lose his scoring touch this season. The drop off was sudden and inexplicable (inexplicable excluding the aspect of... well... his age) and will certainly go down as one of the factors that may of found this team a point or two higher in the standings. Some fans were skeptical about his role on the fourth line, but production from the team hasn't seemed to be affected by his new linemates.

With that being said, with only 11 games to go, I think we should call for him to get to 1,000 games. The team can still benefit from a limited role from Hejduk if it were to happen, but the trend would be more of a tribute to Hejduk in the sense that I don't think that number would influence the decisions of him or the organization.


Dutchy has also seen a production drop off this season. With hope of a 30 goal season from the young Calder finalist, he has instead only produced 13 goals with 80 games of the season already completed. He looks a little more frustrated in his interviews and seldom has a good thing to say about his own play.

But everyone with interest in the team has already had the feeling that he's been playing hurt for a hefty chunk of the season, and Dater confirmed it in his most recent article ( With this being said and after reading the article, I'm hopeful that Matty-D is going to become better for this in the long run. A little adversity help his game a little bit. Screening the goalie on Hejduk's (last?) goal was a good hockey play, not just a flash of skill.

I'm looking forward to the resurgence and some Avalanche playoff hockey.


This hashtag was obviously not from my brain, but it should be celebrated by Avs fans. Clinching the Calder trophy for the best rookie season is almost a done deal. Barring unforeseen circumstances, Colorado will be cheering our beloved winger in Vegas this summer as he sits bored and unable to drink or gamble. In all fairness, he may be capable of picking up a burlesque dancer.

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