Daily Cupcakes - Links From Around the NHL - April 6th, 2012

MONTREAL CANADA - NOVEMBER 29: Former Montreal Canadiens goalie Patrick Roy gives an interview to the media prior to the memorial service for former NHL coach Pat Burns at the Mary Queen of the World Cathedral on November 29 2010 in Montreal Quebec Canada. (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)

Calgary Herald is giving props to Gabriel Landeskog - saying that he should win the Calder trophy this year. Remember, the more reporters saying this the better- they are the ones voting for the winner.

The Avalanche have landed themselves one of the best all-around forward prospects to come down the pike in years and Landeskog may very well be the team's captain at some point. For now, he is content to lead the way for an overachieving Colorado club that is somehow still in the race for a playoff spot out West, a fact that has a great deal to with Landeskog's terrific rookie campaign.

CBC is suffering from cutbacks - could this be the end of Don Cherry on Hockey Night in Canad

When asked the $800,000 question on Wednesday – "Is Don Cherry coming back?" – CBC executive VP in charge of English services, Kirstine Stewart, chose to pass the puck. No comment. The mystery continues.

Faced with a 10-per-cent cut in its federal funding, CBC could make a reasonable saving on the line item that reads "Flamboyant hockey analyst ... estimated $800 K." Especially after the year just past, in which Stewart rebuked Cherry for his on-air comments about three former players (he called them "pukes") and in which Canadian NHL clubs complained to Stewart personally about the Coach’s Corner star.

An article that mentions some of Patrick Roy's most memorable moments. He is quite the character. Well worth reading the article.

There were another two Stanley Cups earned in Colorado, where his legend as a leader and teammate grew. There was the time that coach Bob Hartley was lambasting a young Chris Drury, using him as a scapegoat. Roy didn't like it, and legend has it that he rose during Hartley's explosion and told the coach that if he was unhappy with how the Avalanche were playing, he shouldn't be yelling at a younger player. Roy told Hartley that he should have the courage to yell at him first. Only Roy didn't say it that politely. It was a moment that teammates didn't forget.

Roy had many such moments, and all of his best moments were about directly impacting what occurred on the ice.

The sentencing of Graham James was almost too much for Theo Fleury who nearly relapsed due to it.

The former Calgary Flame, who has struggled with substance addiction, suggested the ordeal pushed him to relapse.

"I began to have flashbacks; I began to seek comfort with a few people who didn't have my best interests at heart," Fleury wrote.

"Thankfully I've recognized this was happening before anything bad happened, and I'm recommitting myself along with my family, to seeking professional help with a very understanding and knowledgeable counsellor."

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