Relish in the decline of the RedWheel

Now this is probably like kicking the dog when it's down, but who cares it's the DeadThings. Below is a pretty down quote of a fan analyzing his team. I wish I could say that this is sad but nah.. Not even a little bit.

This is almost the best motivational reading material any Avalanche fan could have. Ive read it a couple times now and each time I giggle just a little bit more.

"I realize the Red Wings were once again near the top of the league in scoring last season, but there's reason to be at least a little bit concerned about just about all the forwards relied on for scoring:

Datsyuk -- Will be 34 next season. His offensive output over the last three years, while still almost a point per game, has tailed off noticeably from his career peak during the first four post-lockout seasons. Datsyuk is still one of the best players in the world and may still be able to play at this level for many more years -- or he may start to decline even further. No real way to know, but we do know that he isn't getting any better.

Zetterberg -- Will be 32 next season, and basically all the stuff I just said about Datsyuk applies to him as well (especially due to his history of back problems).

Filppula -- Will he be able to repeat his 66-point output? I think if he stays healthy and stays on the wing he should be able to have another good year statistically, but I doubt 66 is in the cards again. Filppula was near the top of the league in both individual and team shooting percentage last year, both highly luck-influenced stats, with numbers that are not sustainable long-term. I would expect something closer to 55 points from him this season.

Franzen -- you get what you see with him. There's a reason he's never cracked 60 points in a campaign. He's good, even fairly consistent statistically, but he is not an elite power forward and he never has been, at least not over the course of a full season.

Bertuzzi -- old, slow and past due for a significant decline.

Cleary -- injury issues make him a real question mark.

Hudler -- probably gone. And if not for an absurdly high shooting percentage this season (almost 20 percent), he wouldn't have been much better this season than last. Telling stat: despite better linemates and more ice time, his assists-per-game actually dropped substantially this season.

Holmstrom -- probably gone. And while I love his game and want him to come back, it's clear that his value is diminishing.

Nyquist -- far from a sure thing. His numbers in his first AHL season are encouraging (NCAA to AHL is usually a very hard transition), but good AHL numbers don't always translate into good NHL numbers -- especially for small forwards. Nyquist's official bio: 5'10", 169.

In short:

Not all these worst-case scenarios will necessary come true; we might be surprised by a rebound year from one of the vets or a big campaign from Nyquist.

But when I look up and down at the roster, look at the players, ask myself how likely each one is to improve, plateau, or decline ... and I'm left with the impression that the Wings MUST find significant outside help. Doing nothing (or doing very little) will probably mean the Wings get worse. Going out and getting another top winger might only keep them where they are now.

And this is just the forwards. Losing Stuart and potentially Lidstrom on the back end? You just can't replace that in one offseason. All I can say is that the Wings had better get Suter and Smith had better be the second coming."

"Que the EVIL Avalanche fans laugh here"

And this is the team the media thinks has the best chance at Parise & Suter? Hmmm I could not of refuted that idea better than this post has done. Nope.. No way muaHAHAHA =)

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