Varly answers fan questions at Worlds

On Thursday Varly answered fan questions submitted to There is a nice long video of Varly answering questions, but that doesn't do you much good unless you know Russian or you like to watch Varly laugh, smile, look serious pondering questions....sorry back to the point. Here's a google translate of a partial transcription of the interview.


Goalkeeper of Russia and Colorado Semyon Varlamov, answering visitors’ questions, to speculate about the competition among goalkeepers in the national team, shared his impressions of working with head coach Zinetula Bilyaletdinov and appreciated the level of the teams participating in the World Cup.

Is there competition in the national team goalie line, or you feel like number one? (Buan)

Competition has not been canceled. It exists, as in any other sport. Of course, everyone wants to be a goalkeeper’s number one. But on the other hand, now we all think only about winning team, no matter who will play in goal. The main thing is that the team went out and got the upper hand over an opponent in every match.

It is clear that all the teams at the World Championships will be strong. But who is the best? (Elikkon)

Now all the teams are almost equal. If we had scored the national team of Latvia or Germany for five to seven goals and won easily, but now the ice has leveled off. With the same teams of Latvia and Germany are American experts, who put a great tactic. Playing against them is hard. Therefore, at the World Championships for each match will have to go as the last. It does not matter, you meet you with Ukraine, Belarus and Denmark. All of these teams deserving to play at a high level. In general, we must respect every opponent.

Which team do you think will win the World Cup 2012? (Kane234)

I hope that this will be our team. After all we are just waiting for the victory. Such a task well worth it. Become winners for the Russian team is low. Let the winners are others.

What are your relationships with other team goalies? (ENERGIE_37)

Relationships are excellent. With all the guys talked before. Each has its own life, so we can not interfere. In all families, children, his worries. Only I still single, and happy. After all, I’m only 24 years old.

How do you work with Zinetula Bilyaletdinov? (Ilnar)

Works fine, no problems. I know Bilyaletdinov only two weeks and I can not say that he is a man. Previously, we have never seen, and I have not played in his clubs. But the coach he is very knowledgeable and demanding. His teams play a tactically correct.

Why choose hotel in which to live our players at Euro 2012, is discussed very actively, and about what, where players will settle on the World Cup, not so much information? (Chivas18)

Thank God that no one will know where we live. We live in peace. When no one bothers you, it’s easier to tune to match.

Do you shave before responsible gaming? (Starina007)

Before the responsible playoffs do not shave. And at this World Cup to the shaver is also not touch.

As a child, would only be a goalie? (Y_L_I_A)

No. And the attacker and defender, just the desire to become a good hockey player. But when I saw the goalkeeper’s form, wanted to try his hand at the gate. He got up and stood for fifteen years.

Come back if you’re ever in the Lokomotiv? (Vale-ra)

We are pleased to be back in their home club, if an invitation. And if at that time I will not have a contract with the NHL team.

If an invitation from the average performance of the NHL and the KHL club’s top, where you go? (Love sport)

It depends on which team will offer, from the KHL and the NHL. And it will depend on the situation. Now I have a valid contract. In general, a childhood dream to play in the best league in the world. So, most likely, would have accepted a proposal from the average performance NHL.

Where do you play the more convenient: in the Washington or Colorado? (QwEr_22)

I will not dissemble - in the Colorado. This command I prefer. Perhaps this is due more to the fact that the composition of a lot of guys my age and with them easier to communicate. And in the Washington where I played for three years, was one of the youngest players.

Do you think enough is done for the development of youth hockey in our country? (Alisa_Lis)

For the last three or four years we have greatly advanced in this direction. Created MHL league, where they play young players. Its level is increasing every year. We’re going the right way.

Why are gone from the Washington? After all, you showed a great game out there! (Aserv)

Because it wanted to change the situation, try out the new team. Well, that happened to go to the club, which count on me, where I waited. On the Washington have the most fond memories. I’ve played with many Russian guys: he met with Sergei Fedorov, Viktor Kozlov, Alexander Ovechkin, Alexander Semin. Spent three years and am very pleased that we managed to work in a system of this club.

A team of your dreams? (Vasykill)

Right now I play in a team of your dreams. In my childhood I had two favorite teams: Detroit and Colorado. And I’m just happy that I am in such a great club as Colorado. For 15 years the team won the past two Stanley Cup.

What was lacking Colorado to reach the NHL playoffs this season? (RoN_47)

Experience. We have one of the youngest teams in the league. During the season, allowed a lot of mistakes. Lost in these games, in which it was necessary to cling to and gain points. Prior to the playoffs is not enough just six points.

Class goalkeeper is directly dependent on defense? (Greadyshko)

From the defenders of it, of course, also depends. But I think that the class depends on the goalkeeper is still on how you work and who works with you. If you are doing a competent goalkeeping coach, you develop much faster.

If, after a great play at the World Cup you received an offer from a serious NHL teams, they look at you? You deserve to play in a top club! (Garry26)

I think that the Colorado a top club. Just now, a time when there is a rejuvenation and rebuilding the team. So we have to wait until the young players grow up, get stronger, would pluck up the experience. I think that year after three or four Colorado will be back in five of the strongest teams in the league. I hope that we shot on the next season and will perform in the playoffs.

How to remove tiredness, and if you have any hobbies? (Maxlur)

At the end of the season usually go relax with friends. This summer the program will not change. Let rest in Turkey, because there is lot of fun. Still I love fishing. Often I go out with friends. The most powerful catch was three or four years ago. Then I caught a pike of two kilograms and brought it home. My mother cooked fish cakes. It was delicious.

How to tune to the crucial games? (Kalugin Vadim)

Always do the same thing: go to bed at a certain time, I train at a certain time, and begin to mentally prepare myself in the morning. I have a plan for the day, and I adhere to it strictly. And there’s a lot of different things that keep a secret.

What was the last book you read and what kind of advise? (E rmak-ergeykovalev)

The newly second consecutive read The Count of Monte Cristo. I do not know anything, but I like this book. During the World Cup do not know whether I will read anything at all. Maybe Dad will recommend something. During his life he read very many books. We have a huge library at home. When he buys another book, and we do not know what to do with it. All drove to the country.


Now if you've read this far, I will reward you by posting recent pics of Varly with the Russian national team.

Russia vs Latvia in St. Petersburg, Russia, Euro Hockey Tour on 4/26/2012


Celebrating the win over Sweden on 4/28/2012


Practicing in Brno, Czech Republic during the Euro Hockey Tour on 4/27/2012 (his 24th birthday)


Russian national team media day on 5/1/2012


Mikhail Biryukov, a goalie from Yaroslavl who played on Lokomotiv youth team with Varly




Varly wearing his Avs hat, taking a pic with some fans at media day (he said he was surprised that they wanted a pic with him since he's not a skater)

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