MHH Playoffs Live Thread! May 6, 2012

Does LA have a home plate on their jerseys on purpose? Whatever, they're crisp, and Quick's pads complement it well too.

If this is a little bit crazy to read it's because I'm a little too crazy to write right now, just got back from an OKC Barons' come from behind, overtime win (as you know if you read my Twitter spam) and am still freakin jazzed. Holy crap.

A Western Conference Early Game And What Is This: #2 St. Louis Blues at #8 Los Angeles Kings, Game 4, 3:00 Eastern, NBC and CBC. Kings fans get your brooms: Kings lead the series 3-0

It has to be the first time two teams west of the Mississippi River have gotten NBC billing, honestly. The Blues have been unable to solve fantastic Kings netminder Jonathan Quick, scoring only 5 goals over the first 3 games of this series. The Kings on the other hand have pretty well had their way with Brian Elliott, scoring 12.

Sorry, former Avs Blues fans, but this one is probably a matter of time. The Kings are playing awesome hockey.

8 GP 8
4 W 7
4 L 1
1 OT 0
0 P 0
0.500 P% 0.875
2.38 G/G 3.00
2.50 GA/G 1.62
18.8 PP% 9.5
90.9 PK% 91.4
28.8 S/G 29.8
27.0 SA/G 31.2
51.9 FO% 47.6

I Can't Think Of A Joke To Go Here Sorry: #5 Philadelphia Flyers at #6 New Jersey Devils, Game 4, 7:30 Eastern, NBC Sports and CBC. Devils lead series 2-1

Ilya Kovalchuk apparently needed a day off. He got one in Game 2, and came back with a vengeance in Game 3, actually looking like himself again. Will that Ilya show up, or will the floaty, back-injured one? What about the other Ilya? Will we see Ilya Bryzgalov or Ilya Bryzgalol? Claude Giroux, will you be leading us to #Girouxsalem? Or will you be #Girouxseless? Andrej Meszaros might actually be back tonight for the first time since March and boy oh boy does the Flyers' defense need his help because Bryzy has had just about hahahahaha no help at all this series. Poor fella. And Sean Couturier will be out with some sort of lower body injury. Zach Parise!!!!!!!!

9 GP 10
5 W 6
4 L 4
1 OT 1
0 P 0
0.556 P% 0.600
4.22 G/G 2.90
4.11 GA/G 2.50
35.9 PP% 20.6
71.0 PK% 74.4
27.7 S/G 31.5
30.3 SA/G 27.9
49.3 FO% 46.4

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