WC: Russia vs Norway


Russia won 4-2 against Norway today. Varly allowed two goals while on the PK. I watched on a fuzzy Russian feed but here are a few observations. Varly started out not having to do much in the first period, he only had five shots on goal, all saves, with the first shot not coming until 7 minutes into the game. Most of the first period was played in the opposite end.

During the first part of the second period, there were no shots on the Russian goal, and Varly maybe tried to alleviate his boredom by attempting to puck handle more. One attempt was potentially dangerous but luckily nothing happened. I didn't realize at first that they don't have the trapezoid on the bigger ice, which gave Varly more room to puck handle wherever he felt like (not sure this is always a good thing). Norway scored 2 goals on the PP in the second period. Russia scored first and always led, until Norway had a 5-on-3. A goal was scored by Norway that could tie the game but the refs decided that it did not count. Varly said after the game that the ref blew his whistle when the Norway player made contact with Varly, before the goal was scored. Norway wasn't too happy about that goal not counting since it would tie the game. Norway had 8 shots on goal in the 2nd, 6 of which Varly saved (total 11/13).

Varly was much more active in the 3rd period because there was much more action in his end. He looked like he was playing better to me. He ended up with 19 saves on 21 shots, .905 sv%. Malkin and Datsyuk played well and looked dangerous, Datysuk had a goal and Malkin had two assists.

Here's a post game interview in English of Datsyuk, the Norway team captain, and Varly.

Varly told Sport-Express after the game that he felt better after this game, even though it was the second in two days, compared to how he felt after the game yesterday. Yesterday after the game he said the arena was hot and he had trouble with leg cramps (the arena was pretty empty yesterday). Varly had the same issue with the arenas being too hot for him, sweating too much, and getting tired during the two games he played for Russia in the Euro Hockey Tour. Hopefully they have resolved that.

Varly also told Sport-Express:

At the same time very hard to play in matches, when your goal is almost abandoned. Any goalie will tell you that when he has to deal with a lot of shots, the way it is easier. Today it’s different: you stand for ten to fifteen minutes without much work and then go three or four dangerous throw in a row. It is very difficult to constantly stay in the game and stay focused. But in the end the team coped with all the difficulties.

Then the reporter commented:

In contrast to the Colorado the Russian national team rivals can not create many chances at the gate.

Varlamov: Yes, so I’m very hard to readjust. I have to adjust and keep yourself in shape every second, even though my goal is not thrown so often. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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