Avalanche Final Grade 2012: Kevin Porter

DENVER - DECEMBER 23: Kevin Porter #12 of the Colorado Avalanche brushes off Brent Burns #8 of the Minnesota Wild as they vie for the puck at the Pepsi Center on December 23 2010 in Denver Colorado. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Kevin Porter

#12 / Winger / Colorado Avalanche



Mar 12, 1986

2011 Cap Hit: $850,000

2012 Status: RFA

After a career year in 2010-2011, Kevin Porter had a tough season last year. New arrivals like Gabriel Landeskog and Chuck Kobasew squeezed Porter out the lineup for a significant chunk of the season. After appearing in 74 games two years ago, Porter got into just 35 games this year. When he did play, he was used sparingly (9:10). And he didn't do much with those limited minutes (just 7 points), creating a spiral of nachos that couldn't be broken.

2012 Outlook: It's unlikely the Avalanche tender Porter the required qualifying offer of $892,500. He could agree to a lower salary - something he did two years ago - but I think his run in Denver is probably over. But hey, at least he scored more goals since the trade than Wolski did.

DDC's Take: Like Cheryl is going to tell you below, I've really been pulling for Porter. He shows some flashes at times where you can really see why he was the Hoby Baker winner at Michigan. But they aren't frequent enough to get him significant time on one of the scoring lines and he just doesn't do "4th line stuff." Porter isn't considered a penalty killer, which puts him lower on the depth chart than guys like Kobasew. Unfortunately, "lower on the depth chart than Kobasew" is the press box.

Cheryl's Take: Sigh. I believed in Porter for so long, defending him with all my might. I just couldn't do it any longer this season. I had to accept that he just isn't really an NHL player. The guy will be fantastic in the AHL and maybe he'd do well on another team (i.e., in the Eastern Conference where his diminutive stature won't be such a liability). The thing that I really like about him, though, is how professional he was about his situation. He worked his ass off every practice, always being one of the last to leave the ice, and he kept a positive attitude despite spending more time in the press box than in games. That attitude might garner him a new contract for 2012-2013. I wouldn't be surprised to see another team take a run at him, either. Either way, I wish him well because I really do like the guy. I just wish he was better at playing hockey.

2011 - Kevin Porter 35 4 3 7 -2 17 0 0 0 32 12.5

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