Getting to Know the Other NHL Teams

DENVER, CO - MARCH 12: Fans display signs in support of Teemu Selanne #8 of the Anaheim Ducks as they prepare to face the Colorado Avalanche at the Pepsi Center on March 12, 2012 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

As many of you know, I'm still a relative new-comer to the NHL. I love this sport and I love this league, but there's still so much I have yet to learn about it, especially when it comes to the 29 other teams. Each have interesting stories and unique fanbases, and as a fan of hockey, I feel like I can better understand the game and how the Avs fit inside of it by understanding who we face 82 games a season.

However, there's only so much you can learn about a club by just catching a game here or there or reading the occasional article on them. It's my belief that in order to really understand what makes a team tick, you need to ask the experts. Reporters are sometimes a good option, but for a variety of reasons (professionalism, maintaining a good relation with the team, not getting fired, etc) they may be forced to watch what they say. No, I'm talking about going to the people who will tell it like it is and hold nothing back. I want the perspective of the hard-core fans like ourselves.

This is one of the things I've been meaning to do for a while, but this summer, I'll finally have a bit of time to head over to the other SB Nation Hockey blogs and ask them questions about their teams. I'll also be running write-ups of what I find throughout the off-season as a "Getting to Know the [Insert Team Name Here]" series. Even though this is an Avs blog, hopefully learning a little more on the other teams will provide us with a better understand of matchups next season. And hey, if nothing else, it will give us something hockey-related to talk about until September.

I have some questions in mind, but if you have any suggestions, that would be great. Also, I'm really looking for team-specific ones, like asking the Oilers fans what they think of trading the first round pick or what Detroit is going to do now that some of their core players are starting to retire (yes, I'll even go over and post at Winging It in Motown. I may need a shower afterwards, but hating Detroit in a more informed way is worth it.)

Some of my ideas are after the jump.

1. In 3 words, how would you sum up your team?

2. What is your team's preferred playing style, and what do they look like when they're "playing their game"?

3. Which position is your team the deepest at? Is there one that one that still needs to be improved?

4. Who's your most underrated player and which players are the biggest fan favorites?

5. On the other side, is there a player that just kinda irritates you for whatever reason? (bad turnovers, being overplayed by the coach, 1st round bust, bad attitude off the ice, etc)

6. If you could magically acquire any player in the league, who would you choose and why?

7. Do you have any prospects in your system that you're really excited about?

8. How good of a job is your GM is doing? What about your coaches and scouting/player development staff?

9. What is the biggest issue you'd like to see your team address either this off-season or early next year?

10. What do you think your lines are going to look like opening night?

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