Semyon Varlamov interview

Varly gave an interview in his hometown Samara on the radio station TOK FM that was published yesterday. Here is the google translate, which actually is better quality than usual. Varly's Dad also gave an interview on Sunday saying Varly had just gotten home from his vacation in Turkey on Saturday in time to watch the Russian national soccer lose to Greece. His dad said Varly will stay in Samara 10 days then fly to the US to train for a month and come back to Samara in August. I assume Varly will work with the trainer in Lancaster, PA that did such a good job with him last summer.



Semyon Varlamov: "I am happy to play for food"

Is it easy to play in the NHL and become a world champion in ice hockey? Why is hockey a more productive in Russian sport? What are the differences between American and Russian sports infrastructure, what we should strive for? These and other questions are answered CSK VVS Samara graduate, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, world champion in ice hockey of 2012, NHL goalie Colorado Avalanche and the team of Russia Semyon Varlamov.

To begin with, why it was impossible not to start. What do you think is missing in our soccer team to regularly, at least leave the group at major tournaments?

Probably a hard coach. Such as we had Bilyaletdinov on our World Cup, which could come after the first and second period and make the team. Bags do not fly, but he could not say firmly that the guys do not play in his soccer, not his game. After that, the team came out and began to play his soccer, and just tear the opponent. Maybe this was not enough.

After the fiasco of players at Euro has fallen much criticism from fans and, including specialists. Many of these games after not want to talk, at least with the press. As athletes feel at such moments?

At such a moment after the game wants to be an ostrich’s head and drop into the earth, and see no one at all. After this game, with the press, I think, is actually very difficult to talk. But at the same time we must find the strength to go out, and answer all questions. Not all do, unfortunately, but you must be a professional. And no matter how the match was formed as the tournament has developed, you lose it or win, you have to go out and talk to the press, always.

And during the big tournaments and big games athletes read newspapers, some feedback about themselves, look on the internet?

I try to ignore the general press. Do not listen, do not watch. Do not read, because it happens that after the game someone loves you, somebody hates you. He played well you played, or you’re bad, everyone has an opinion.

Arshavin fans said: "The fact that the Russian team did not meet your expectations, that’s your problem." You could say this to the fans?

I do not believe that it is said Arshavin. What did he just say so. Maybe it’s paraphrased. But if he said it is his opinion. I’d rather not discuss it now, and no blame. But, of course, so it is impossible in any case speak.

As a Russian athlete can play in the national team of another country? Or like this: the Russian team, half of African Americans. Do not you think that Russian should be playing for Russia?

In fact, our team played only Russian, are no African-Americans I have not seen in hockey. Do not know about football and basketball, ice hockey for the answer. Many players are playing in America and be happy to come play for the team, including myself. No matter where you play, for me the main thing to play in the strongest league in the world the NHL, where I play, because the level of play is very high, to play in this league prestige. Again, if my name to the team, I’m happy to play for a team meal.

In how many years you have stood on the ice and realized that hockey is yours?

I began to engage in hockey at 8 years old. Dad and somehow came to the hockey game with CSK VVS, and the announcer declared that the recruited boys born in 1987. And I told my father that I wanted to try. And tried.

Do all you are satisfied with the Colorado? Do not plan to change the club?

In fact, I am very pleased with the transition. It was formed last summer, in July, I signed a contract with Colorado for 3 years and happy with this organization. I am completely satisfied with everything. A wonderful city of Denver, where I lived. Excellent training stadiums, beautiful ice rink, where we play, the main stadium. I am completely satisfied with everything. The wonderful fans. The only thing, it all depends on us. We need to play better, because when we play better, full stadium of fans coming.

What about the infrastructure there in America? There’s sports palaces, palaces of sport here, surely these are two incompatible things.

In fact, in Russia, with the creation of the new KHL league, things are much better. Many cities are now built a very nice stadium, where the pleasure to come and watch hockey. Of course, America has about 30 years, probably, or 35 years ago stadiums were built large, very comfortable. When you come to this stadium, enjoying hockey. Of course, we are still far away to them in terms of stadiums, because that’s where the stadiums are built for 15,000-20,000, and we still have the stadiums are built on 7,500-8,000 to 10,000, but God forbid, to continue to build. Because for us it is a huge success, when the city built a stadium for 10,000.

North American fans something different from ours?

Probably, characterized in that … I do not want to hurt our fans in any case, but the beer on his head no one will pour in America. And the bottles are not hurl the enemy, too. Fans also can be understood. When you sit on hockey, you’re very emotional, you want your team to win, you want the team played great. Not always is the case, so this too can be understood.

How hard was it like working far from home?

Work was not easy in fact. I left four years ago in America. The problems I had in the first place, probably associated with the language, because, when I arrived, did not speak English. But after 2-3 years, once said, life has become easier. Because when you come into the locker room and did not know the language, hard for you to communicate with teammates, with the team. You just sit there and look around, that is, all in terror is a complete.

Speaking in Washington, you often did not play due to injuries. Now everything is in order?

Yes, now everything is fine. I would say in order. Why were the injuries? I think when I came from Russia, was physically a little unprepared for the North American hockey, because hockey is very fast and the load on the goalkeeper is very serious. The value of the site is smaller and because of this game is faster, throw more and more work to produce players for the goalkeeper. Last summer I changed my physical conditioning coach, and he and I have created a program in which I worked for 2.5 months. Basically changed the coach and all injuries are gone. Health is all right, thank you.

How comfortable were you playing for Russia at the World Cup? Who are the players of the team talked often?

Team is selected very carefully selected staff, who will fight for the title of world champions. So everything has to be coherent, all need to understand where to go, what we play. Therefore, all the guys in order, I have all the guys are very good relationship and I felt comfortable playing in the team. So close, probably the most talked with Misha Biryukov, because he is from Yaroslavl, and we grew up together with them, so to speak.

Yaroslavl tragedy …

Yes, a terrible tragedy occurred. I knew all these guys played with them. Yaroslavl, this is my second home, because I spent there 7 years and I think that I am a graduate of two schools. The first is a school of CSK VVS [note: hockey club in Samara]. The second school, which helped me very much to go out and become an athlete is Yaroslavl.

What was the most memorable match of last season in the World Cup and in the NHL?

At the World Championships I would single out the match with the Swedes. This match, first, the voltage was the worst. I remember when we played, I went for the first time, and I was really shaking. I could not calm the nerves, very nervous before the match and during the match. Because it was a match for first place in the group, and the Swedes had a very strong team. Well, in my first NHL game I will remember for a lifetime. My first match was held in Montreal, with 22,000 spectators. We played on the road. It was my first official match, 22,000. Before the match had 5-10 minutes, I realized that I needed to go, but I could not even roll up a stick, because I actually shook hands. I remember this game, we won it. I was probably happy. I first called my father, mother, sister and they congratulated me, I congratulated them, too.

Well, the excitement goes away, then when?

Once the puck is throwing in the center of the site, once the excitement goes away, you are fully concentrating on the game and think the game you really should not bother anything and nothing to worry.

Franzen took out much of our World Championship? On television, it seemed that he was constantly provoked the defenders, for which he eventually paid the price.

I agree. In fact, in America, he’s not playing so dirty, as played at the World Championships. And we were all surprised. They came into the locker room after the game and were just in shock. I would never have thought about this player that he would play so dirty against our team.

What would you wish the fans?

What I would like to wish … Wish, perhaps, all the success in everything, and tell everyone thank you. We feel your support at the World Championships and we knew that you sit and look at the TV. And those fans who came to the stadium and support us there, in Finland and Sweden. Everyone thank you so much, it was very nice.

You and the team met with the president of Russia. What to remember this meeting?

I remember that trip to Tver, where we carried on an open double-decker bus with the Cup in Tver, Tver blocked, but in my opinion, is not complete and a half. We went to the bus and saw how the fans really grateful to us for this victory. All jumped out of cars. There were so many fans who were just on the streets and shouted: "Thank you, guys, for the victory!" It’s an indescribable feeling. It was nice to see how we support it.

The World Cup will bring to Samara?

Yes, be sure to bring. The only thing now we can not determine the numbers. We wanted to bring on June 28-29, but unfortunately did not happen. Now we plan to bring the World Cup somewhere on August 1-4.

At the Olympics in Sochi we’ll see Semyon Varlamov in the Russian national team?

I do not know, let’s not conjecture. Prior to the Olympics in Sochi, there is still time. In fact, this is my dream to play at the Olympics, especially in Russia and in Sochi. And I will work very hard to get into the squad. I know that this is not easy to do, as a serious competitive team, and every year the competition is growing. But I will do my best to play at the Olympics in Sochi.

Who, in your opinion, the best goalkeeper of the season, and who is the best goalkeeping coach?

In America, I would have said Jonathan Quick, who won the Stanley Cup. In fact, a very athletic goalkeeper. I would like to mention three other goalies: Quick, Pekka Rinne, who plays for Nashville and Lundqvist. In Russia, I still think the best Konstantin Barulin. I saw him play at the World Cup, the Euro Tour. And in general this season and last season he showed himself very well. And his level of play increases every year, and I consider him one of the best goalkeepers in Russia.

Even thought, than you will do after his playing career?

I would like to say that I have had two or three workouts. I have coached young children. And I like to coach goalkeepers, in fact. I would love to become a coach, but now this is still too early to think about. had a few more questions from the radio interview:

As usual spend your time? What music do you prefer?

In my spare time I like to play soccer, tennis. Since the hockey standing at the gate, like in soccer, to run in the field. I like to score goals, time to work on defense. Of the music I prefer a club. Sometimes I go to clubs, I love to dance. However, it is better to do during the holidays and not during the season.

Your teammate Alexander Ovechkin's girl is a tennis player [Maria Kirilenko]. What to do girl to make you like it, too, to play tennis?

Good question! (Laughs). In fact, I'm happy for Sasha, he had strong, positive relationships. As for me, now I'm alone, my heart is free. Girls I have not. While fully immersed in work, doing hockey. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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