Avalanche Final Grade 2012: David Jones

Mar 26, 2012; San Jose, CA, USA; Colorado Avalanche right wing David Jones (54) warms up before the game against the San Jose Sharks at HP Pavilion. San Jose defeated Colorado 5-1. Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

David Jones

#54 / Right Wing / Colorado Avalanche



Aug 10, 1984

2011 Cap Hit: $2,500,000

2012 Status: UFA

It's probably safe to say David Jones had an inconsistent season with the Avalanche. He managed 20 goals again, after 27 last year, along with 17 assists. 5 won the game, tied with Gabriel Landeskog for the most. Unfortunately, fan expectations for him were a lot higher. Many (including me) expected a 30 goal season out of the good doctor, and were disappointed by the 20. For a guy like him that's all that matters: Did he score lately?

However he also suffered through some inconsistency around him, as he struggled to fit in on any given line. His most common line by far (by FAR) was with Paul Stastny and Jamie McGinn. The problem there, you'll remember, is McGinn wasn't picked up until February. That's a whole lot of inconsistent season. (Sacco rolled this line 17.67% of the even strength time--compare that to his next most common, with Matt Duchene and Milan Hejduk, at 0.93%.) His splits tend to bear that out; he scored 10 of those 20 goals in February and March (with a charity score in April).

The bottom line remains though, for a goals forward in a contract year on a team that badly needed goal scoring, Jones managed 20. It's a statement about the Avs, not him, that his 20 was good for third among his peers (behind Landeskog and Stastny). But as I said before, his season was up and down and up again; when he played well at the end of the year, he got to the net, he won puck battles, he got top line ice time, and he put home 5 goals a month. Make a season out of that and you score 30+. Be consistent, friend.

Steve's Take: -8. F. Armchair coaching advice? Get him the puck more, linemates. Shoot the puck more, Jonesie. His shooting percentage was tops on the team among Forwards Not Called Mark Olver at the end of the year, and is actually on the lower end of his career range. 136 shots on goal? More please.

DDC's Take: I like Jones and I hope he's back. I do wish he was more consistent, but then I also wish I had thicker hair and was dating Scarlett Johansson.

2012 Outlook: This little bit from Dater's blog indicates there's at least a decent chance he'll be back. Contract talks are taking place and his agent seems to be indicating both parties are interested, so hey, we'll see. My gut says his cap hit won't change too much. If he wanted a payday this summer, he should have hit 30. My gut also didn't really think Hejduk would be back either so take that with a big ol salt lump.

2011 - David Jones 72 20 17 37 -8 32 3 1 5 136

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