CBA Madness.



And so the games have begun. Friday night, multiple sources told THIS reporter (okay, I read twitter, sue me) that the NHL, lead by President for Life Bettman Chavez, tabled their first offer to the NHLPA. It... was... creative? Lets take a look shall we...

Per of RDS Sports...

#1 - Reduce players hockey related revenues to 46% from 57%.

#2 - 10 seasons in NHL before being UFA.

#3 - Contracts limits to 5 years

#4 - No more salary arbitration.

#5 - Entry-level contract 5 years instead of 3.

Wow. Holy rusted metal Batman!

Again. WOW. But, like so many have pointed out, this is the opening shot. Throw out the "worst case scenario" or the "owners wish list," and let the players know their still greedy as sh%t in it for money. If I may, I'd like to quote a couple of Twitter comments from a few folks...

So there's going to be a lot of "the sky is falling" forecasts, and maybe it will, but I'll wait until September to put on my hard hat.

Owners are going to lose in the court of public opinion by a large margin. Fans should give Bettman zero sympathy. I know I will.

Breaking: NHL also says it wants a billion in unmarked bills and a plane to mexico.

Expect another pro sports -- More greedy jerks who could careless about fans, this time the honor goes to the AGAIN #2005

I hope for his sake Shea Weber is offline tonight.

Post has learned proposal calls for ceiling to be set $4M above midpoint, floor $8M under

With opening CBA proposal, NHL owners want to have their cake, eat it, too, then take over the bakery

Hey NHLPA. hold still while the owners take this cold wet fish and slap your union across the face with it.

Wings suck. - me

Wings f*cking suck! - you

we are going to have to figure out how to watch our favorite players in KHL/SEL/etc. KHL president is cackling evilly now.

The first round always sucks... so... before you do/say anything dumb... remember... always have your towel and...


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