Let Me Tell You About ANOTHER Group of Hate Mongers!!

who are your 5 most hated players in the NHL? guys you love to hate, or loathe their existence. here's my list to get the hatred started;

5- Johan Franzen

this dude is an Avs destroyer, a dastardly Red Wing, and from what i hear is even worse than Alexander Semin in the "it's all about me, and if you disagree, then you can go screw" department. remember Franzen's legendary performance in our last playoff series? he's gotta be in every Avs fan's top five hated after that!

4- The Sedin Twins

Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin have always been beasts against us. but i love to hate them. it was hard to select just one dirty Nuck for my top 5, so i cheated and picked two at the same time. they beat us every single time, and we havent beaten them in regulation in multiple years it seems like.

3- Raffi Torres

every time this sack of crap touches the ice he brings the integrity of the game down a little bit. he pisses everyone off and is only interested in doing just that. remember when he slammed into Jan Hejda last season when he was on his way down to the ice? no call, no suspension, no discipline what-so-ever. it sickens me that he is still in the league. his current suspension is not enough if you're asking me.

2- Cal Clutterbuck

is it his mustache? is it his agitating style of play? or is it his personal disposition about the Avs in general? i believe he made a comment to reporters after game one of a recent home-at-home series "they have a bunch of guys in Colorado, two in particular, who i'm embarrassed that they're still playing in this league." he was talking about David Koci and then-captain Adam Foote. the next game it seemed like every skater on the ice in burgundy and blue hit the hell out of the guy. i hope thats the same treatment he gets every time we meet from now on!

1- Todd Bertuzzi

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