Who Will be the Next 30-Goal Scorer for Colorado?

it hasnt been since Super Joe Sakic scored 36 goals in 06-07, that an Av crossed the thirty-goal threshold. along with 64 assists that season, he became the oldest player in NHL history to reach the century mark in scoring not named Gordie Howe. we dont have any Sakics on our team anymore, and have been reminded of this regularly over the last three or four seasons. however, weve come close to the thirty mark a few times in that span. lets take a look back;

Milan Hejduk flirted with the benchmark at 29 biscuits in the basket in 07-08, and with 27 beans in the pot the following season. The Duke would lead the Avs in goals in back to back campaigns.

in 09-10, ol' boy Chris Stewart came close with 28 toys in the happy meal. then it seemed as if we broke him in the back seat on the ride home. i miss you Stewie!

then Matt Duchene and David Jones, respectively, did impressions of eachother in 10-11 and (please excuse me, as im running out of goal euphanisms here) put 27 whoo-dillies in the cha-cha. despite the raw fury of hot hardcore double penetration action they provided the club that season, neither of these two studs could ring the bell thirty times. whew, i need a cigarette.

last season, no one came close. five consecutive seasons would go by without a thirty goal scorer for the Avs. but someone was literally gleaming and shimmering with promise.

i say the answer is Golden Boy Gabriel Landeskog. there were often times last season it seemed IMPOSSIBLE an 18 year old kid could have such hockey vision and ability, sometimes like that of a ten year veteran. next season (whenever that is), dont be surprised if he pulls a Steven Stamkos and more than doubles his offensive production in his sophomore year. hey, it could happen! in any case, its obvious the Landescalder isnt done winning NHL hardware or leading the Avs in goals for that matter. with Landy's gift, 22 yahtzees on his virgin voyage could easily lead to 40+ very soon in his career.

the sad sorry fact remains, the Avs' last 30+ goal scorer made it to the Hockey Hall of Fame before anyone on the club could do it again. please help us, Golden Boy...

who do you think will be our next 30 tally getter? is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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