Daily Cupcakes - Links From Around the NHL- September 10th, 2012

ST PAUL, MN - JUNE 24: Second overall pick Gabriel Landeskog by the Colorado Avalanche (C) stands with Executive Advisor/Alternate Governor Joe Sakic (far left) and other members of the Colorado Avalanche organization on the podium for a photoduring day one of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft at Xcel Energy Center on June 24, 2011 in St Paul, Minnesota. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

An article about Burnaby Joe, Joe Sakic.

"When you get the call — and I heard it from Pat Quinn, who I had success with playing for Team Canada (at the 2002 Olympics) — you’re speechless," Sakic said. "You’re hoping you get the call, then get the call and just don’t know what to say. It was a pretty special moment. It’s such an honour."

Sakic is seeing both sides of the NHL dispute first-hand. He was a star player back in 2004, part of management this time.

"On both sides, you just hope something gets done and we have hockey," he said. "I don’t think it matters which side you’re on, you hope there’s hockey."

There are a lot of articles about Gabriel Landeskog becoming the youngest Captain in NHL history, I picked this one because it's written by a Detroit writer.

Although Landeskog's appointment came a bit quicker than expected, it barely qualifies as a surprise.

When Landeskog had his rookie of the year season in 2011-12, he was the straw who stirred the drink in Colorado. He led the Avalanche in both hits and goals. He looks like a prototype model for what you want in a modern NHL captain, a tough, physical, skilled player who is comfortable dealing with the media and dressing room issues.

Sportsnet has a slide show of some of the younger NHL captains currently, and also a tidbit of info!

*Brian Bellows was technically the youngest NHL captain at the age of 19 years and 131 days, but it was only on an interim basis.

"To see a community pull together to find the good and to find the light in the darkness is really very moving and special," Ghawi’s mother said. "This is a very, very special town."

The sports equipment was collected by the nonprofit group A Precious Child. Monetary donations will benefit the Jessica Ghawi Sports Scholarship Fund.

Back to Sakic for a quick moment, not that it should surprise any of you, but it wasn't his idea for the memorial-like shrine.

When Wayne Gretzky quit, he got a 15-foot statue outside the front door of Rexall Place, a regular gathering point for picture-seekers, and a location for fans hooking up before games. "See you at Gretzky’s statue, eh?"

Joe Sakic got a shrine in the Colorado Avalanche dressing room, his old locker encased in plexi-glass. Not Joe’s idea, apparently, but team president Pierre Lacroix, who didn’t want to let go of the memory. To some fans, it seems a tad creepy, the ghost of Sakic, in his old spot in their room. One snarky fan wondered if they were, perhaps, going to cryogenically put Sakic in the enclosed glass when he passes on, but we digress.

Lastly, a story about our dear Wojtek Wolski. (Warning there is a video with audio that automatically plays on the video - something about football)

Over the past few years health has been the downfall of Wolski as he missed many games and received a demotion to the American Hockey League while a member of the New York Rangers. Wolski said, "Making sure I’ve been keeping up with my training and my body and just taking care of myself it’s going to be a big part of this year."

He also stated his role for this year and meeting new head coach Adam Oates. "We met for coffee in Toronto and just talked about hockey and the season and the expectations are pretty simple. I’ve gotta jump in and be one of the offensive players on the team and hopefully fit into on of those top two lines and contribute offensively."

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