My attempt to get in on this non-Hockey week stuff-Favorite Comics and Graphic Novels



Since all of the twenty or thirty staff writers gave it their go (Except Joe and Randy who are both fictional) I though I would add some content in something that I know quite well: Graphic Novels, here are my fav's, put yours in here because I know quite a few of you are connoisseurs. Be sure to block out some time.

I'll start with my all time favorites--the ones I can read over and over, then get esoteric on your asses:

I have a confession, I have a large library of these, I collected Marvel comics when I was a teenager, so I'll sum those up separately:

1) Long Halloween---Probably the best Batman out there. There is an actual mystery here and I'll have to admit, when it cam out, I didn't have it all figured out. It was cool to see batman beat up on mobsters and punks (which is probably all he wants to do in life). I also enjoyed the followup Dark Victory, which introduces Robin. Two Face comes into his own in these two stories.

2)Dark Knight Returns/Dark Knight Strikes back. Frank Miller at his craziest. Batman kicks Superman's ass, defeats Lex Luthor. Joker breaks his own neck. Pure awesomeness.

3)Identy Crisis. Pretty much has everyone in it but the main character is The Elongated Man (make joke here) and it's awesome, another mystery that I didn't get until they slap you in the face with it.

4)Final Crisis, I still don't get many parts of it, batman dies, superman sings the universe to salvation. Still pretty good.

5)Darkest Night. I reall enjoyed all of it. Brightest day was also pretty good.

6)Hush. I really liked this Hush ended up being a great villain and it has all the characters in it that you would want. Batman kicks superman's ass again.

7)No Man's Land, I don't like this as much as every other batman story, but it's so huge--5 volumes. it's got a good story and Joker ends up stealing the show. I also like how Batman defeats Lex Luthor again here.

8)Sandman it's so different than everything you've read that it's just cool, the main character is Dream, younger brother of death.

9)We3 A story of a weaponized bunny, cat and dog.

10)Earth one Superman Earth one Batman sucked, this delivered, showed a different actually interesting superman--for the most part he's pretty boring because he's a well adjusted, non dysfunctional man, and he gets to kick ass at the end.

11)All Star Superman A title that doesn't make sense until the end. Still a good story, good conflict and a good ending.

12) Batman Year One No one that I re-read all the time, but still a good story, mostly the best part is focusing on Jim Gordon. Still has the iconic moment when Batman crashes a mob/corrupt politician dinner (the Kevin Smith version of that account never happened IMO)

13) The Killing Joke, I like to re-read this every Halloween. Good story/Good insight to the Joker.

14)The Joker, a good tragic story, definitely the best 'heath ledger-ly' comic book version of the Joker, also shows why you wouldn't like to work for him either.

15) Batman: War and Shazam!: Power of Hope, both stories are weaker, but Alex Ross' can draw.

16) Batman: Arkham Asylum - A Serious House on Serious Earth Won't be everyone's cup of tea, but very trippy, very cool.

17) Under the red hood I personally enjoyed it, but if you've seen the animated movie you're pretty much seen it all.

18)52- Highlighted some other characters, was interesting but not a must read.

19) Batman and Robin, the newer one with Dick Greyson as Batman and a homicial Damien Wayne as Robin, good dynamic and Professor Pyg is a good villain.

20)Robin: Year one, an actual really good set of stories about robin, probably the creepiest version of Mad Hatter I've seen.

21) Y: the last man, I've only read like 2 or 3 GN in this series but it's an interesting premise with good writing.

22) Kingdom Come and Justice Society: thy Kingdom come, in that order, a really good story that involves Superman, it doesn't happen often but it does in these.

DC things I've read that I think suck:

Flashpoint, Batman: eye of the beholder, A death in the family, through the looking glass, Hush-Beyond, Unseen, Haunted Knight (was ok-ish). superman for all seasons (was ok but dragged).

One I'll get crucified for: Watchmen--It was great but I've never felt the need to read it again or watch the movie.

Non DC Comics, you might believe from the above that I'm a DC fanboy, I actually prefer Marvel more, but I have a digital suscription so I don't collect graphic novels, but I'll try to put them together below (as well as non-marvel ones) here are my Marvel and non Marvel favs:

1. Deadpool-Suicide Kings. Deadpool is a fascinating character to me, he routinely breaks the 4th wall and I can't get enough. I like the recent story line where he gets committed to an asylum and ultimate gets out and meets up with his evil self.

2. Wolverine: saudade, a good Wolvie story with a bittersweet ending. Probably my fav Wolvie story ever.

3.Wolverine: the brotherhood, he comes in and straight up kicks some ass.

4. Secret War (one not two) Civil War, Secret Invasion, Siege--can't go wrong. Fear Itself? Not so good.

5. Enemy of the State, pretty good. Wolvie being Wolvie.

6. House of M, Messiah War, Second Coming, Age of Apocalypse, confession: I really like the mutant stories, so I re-read these all the time.

7. Planet Hulk, very good. Haven't read War of the Hulks.

8. Silver Surfer: Requiem A good story of SS dying.

9. Daredevil: Born Again, Frank Miller again being brilliant.

10. Dead Walking, I really liked it and read the first 4 GN but I had to give up when it seemed like there was no hope.

Also, if you like most of those you'll probably like these books:

Confessions of a D list Villian, Ex-Heros, and sandman slim.

Well take in my opus to not working, if I missed something you love or you want to tell me why I'm wrong I'd love to hear it. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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