The Realignment Issue or The Winnipeg Thrashers' Jet-lag.

i completely understand that there were more important matters to resolve before dropping the puck this season. it makes sense to me that other issues could wait until next season, having this one be abbreviated. but if there's one thing that still irks me is that the Winnipeg Thrashers are still in the goddamn Southeast Division this season.

after months of therapy, ive come to (shudder) accept that the city of Winnipeg and the province of Manitoba have raped the memory of their beloved former AND STILL OPERATING hockey club. i begrudgingly accept the horrible decision by the loyal fans of the Jets-of-old to have thoughtlessly jet-isoned all the history and integrity of two franchises down the shitter by naming their glorious inheritance none other than... the "Winnipeg Jets". how ridiculous is this whole mess?

ive accepted it, but im still very upset about it. my only hope is this injustice doesnt open up the floodgates. example; Quebec City wants another club. now that the "Jets" have "returned" to Winnipeg, whats stopping Quebec City from naming the Coyotes or the Devils or the Preds THE NEW NORDS once theyve been relocated there?? now you see. the decision by the relocated Thrashers' new found demographic has a pending direct effect on my club, the Colorado Avalanche. theyve set the preposterous principal, now others may follow suit. example; the Phoenix Coyotes. if i were a die hard 'Yotes fan, i can only image how i'd feel having invested so much loyalty, passion and fandom into the Winnipeg/Phoenix franchise only having the inept market of Atlanta send yet another club north of the border just to take a part of your franchise's heritage away from you. As a die hard fan of Quebec/Colorado, i am deeply concerned this could happen to me and others like me.

here's a mindfuck: what if Winnipeg/Phoenix becomes Winnipeg/Phoenix/Quebec in the next few years?? Theyd name themselves the Quebec Nordiques and i'll slit my wrists and hop in the tub.

ive even caught myself referring to said team as the "Jets" once or twice before quickly correcting and chastising myself. i understood why they needed to continue playing in the Southeast last season. as sudden as the sale of the Thrashers was and conference realignment being the complex complicated undertaking is it. but the fact remains; another season will play, and the fiery drill keeps burning in the back of my skull: the Winnipeg Thrashers are still in the goddamn Southeast Division this season.

Minnesota, Detroit, Nashville to name a few, all desperately wanting a change for years to coincide with time zones that would no doubt help with TV ratings for those not willing to stay up till 1:30 am to watch the end of away games in their own conference. obviously a large chunk of the season. it seemed more than possible to me that as long as the brass on both sides were settling hash within the league, that realignment would eventually get hammered out and ready in time for the next season. alas, not as such. but at this point, as long as there's gonna be NHL-level hockey alot sooner than later, im willing to let this issue continiue to simmer on the back burner for now. let the Thrashers' flock their way clear across the continent and back over and over and over again for a season longer. just drop the pucking fuck already.

commute will be especially hard on Winnipeg this season in particular, it being a conference only, division heavy schedule. with the increased number of long, looooong flights theyre about to endure, theyd all better make friends with big fat books. hell, maybe even break out the laptop and write a couple themselves...

i wasnt a big fan of the league's imposed four-conference realignment plan when the issue was hot a while back. the idea of uneven divisions never sat well with me. i mean, if everything's evened up now then why cant they come to a resolution where everything can still be even? what would have happened to the historic Clarence S. Campbell Bowl and Prince of Wales Trophy with a four-conference format? not to mention the unfair advantage teams competing with fewer clubs for playoff spots would have over those teams in larger conferences. it just seemed lazy and whipped together to cater to the East, only further confirming the NHL's eastern bias. Don Fehr and the NHLPA put a stop to that plan ever materializing.

so now what? the player's association got their way for once, coming out of the CBA negotiations smelling like a rose (be as it may, a greedy, stubborn rose). if they have a realignment solution, i'd love to hear it. it looks like the realignment issue is in the hands of Mr. Fehr and NHLPA. at this rate, whatever they want, that's what it's gonna be.

in any case, i bid happy trails to the Trashers for another season! the tannest boys in Winnipeg. Hey, at least they have curling in Florida. only they call it shuffle board and you have to be in your seventies to play...

til next time suckas. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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