SCHWAB: A Cutthroat's Tale

due to underwhelming unpopular demand, i shall now continue my series on players for the new hockey club in the mile high city. you know who im talking about, and if you dont, then shame on you. of course i speak of none other than the new tenants of the historic Denver Coliseum, the third place (and five points out of first) Denver Cutthroats. without further delay, i present to you the second edition of A Cutthroat's Tale featuring possibly the Fish's most valuable player, Troy Schwab.

it seems whenever you read about the Denver Cutthroats, Schwabby is to be found somewhere between the lines. making his presence known on the ice in every battle is his business, and business for the Kindersly, Saskatoon native is good. just 18 days younger than myself, and having turned age 28 ten days ago, Troy continues his reputation as a point-a-game player with Denver. in 54 games for the Wichita Thunder in the 10-11 season, Schwab notched 19 goals and 36 assists for 55 points. he is well on pace to continue where he left off one season removed, having scored 10 g's and 27 a's for 37 points in his 32 games played thus far for Denver.

more often than not, the Fish's glory is credited to the phenom Avs' prospect goalie tandem in Kieran Millan and Kent Patterson. when the praise goes beyond the pipes, it usually falls upon the offensive output of AJ Gale and grizzled veteran Brad Smyth. make no mistake. Troy Schwab IS the backbone of the Denver Cutthroats.

his 27 assists leads the team. as a matter of fact, the Fish's trio of Gale, Smyth and Schwab make up 3/5th's of the CHL's leading five point getters. other than his teammates, Troy is behind only Missouri's Sebastien Thinel with 50 and Bloomington's Jon Booras with 43. third and fourth in scoring are Denver's own Gale and Smyth, nipping at Booras' heels with 42 and 41 points respectively. Troy Schwab is fifth in the league's top cinco with his hard earned 37 points. Oh yes, theres more. his 27 helpers ties Troy for second in the Central Hockey League in assists edged out only by the aforementioned Thinel and Booras.

with his nack for passing and hockey foresight, its obvious, Schwab reads the word selfishness and drops the first three letters. He sees only FISHNESS.

this is the kinda guy an emerging hockey club needs in a hockey town like Denver in these harsh big league lockout times. ive seen him on the Coliseum jumbo-tron answering fan questions and he was such a great character and very well received, a real likable guy. the fans obviously love Schwabby, earning one of the loudest pops from the Cutthroats' faithful when the team is introduced each night in Denver. in a town famished for homegrown ice hockey stardom, looking high and low to fill the hole in their lives left by the Johnsons and Landeskogs and Stastnys... on second thought, FUCK THOSE GUYS! the Gales, the Pattersons, and the Schwabs are willing to entertain us. you wont see these guys trying to go toe-to-toe with billionare tyrants and bitch about their cut of the cheese. just drop the puck and thats all that matters to them. id love to see Schwabby on local telly hocking subway footlongs or featured on billboards on 6th avenue. im sure im not alone.

Schwabby is my new favorite fish, overtaking AJ Gale. after following the Cutthroats more and more this season, ive decided Gale is just the obvious super stud. kinda like how ive always favored Ryan Dunn over Bam. i STILL just cant believe he's the first Jackass to die. it shouldve been Steve-O. and i love Steve-O. RIP Ryan Dunn, the "random hero". so like, Schwabby is my Ryan Dunn of the Cutthroats... its clear to all by now i voted YES ON 64. id better wrap it up before it gets too crazy. Is anyone still reading this?


FOOTENOTE (pun intended): interestingly enough, upon research for this article ive come to find that my boy Troy doesnt even have a wiki page!! when i covered Sean Zimmerman i had plenty to go on, but all i had for Schwab was what i could find on which is why this article was basically more of a Troy Schwab bleep sucking marathon rather than his "Tale". so if anyone is up for a challenge or at least something to fill an hour, someone should fix this injustice. im not too keen on things like making wikipedia pages, ill update shit from time to time but creating a page seems like a pretty hefty undertaking. if no one else is up to the task, i suppose ill spit in my hands and rub em together looney tunes style and try to do the damn thing. it would just be nice if someone who knew what they were doing could wikipediaize Troy.

total bonus points if you do, and i have been keeping track.

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