Sherman's reign in perspective

The man has been ridiculed, mocked and more. And he supposedly should be hidding and be forever thankful for still having a job with a title, even a fake one.

Let's analyze the most significant moves he made and rate them on a 0-10 scale from TOTALLY FLEECED to GENIUS.


GRADE: 7. See below what we got later for Quincey. Smyth was slow and washed-up.
GRADE: 6.. All players are now irrelevant. But Mueller saga kinda hurt the Avs.
GRADE : 6.5. Bournival is the best player of the three.

GRADE: 5. Too early to tell. Both Toffoli and Pickard are good prospects.

GRADE: 7. See return on Winnik below

GRADE: 4. O'Byrne played alright for a while then became a liability. Bournival is in the Big Show this season and has offensive upside. He wouldn't crack the Avs roster though.
GRADE: 7.5. Hannan was ineffective and costly. The Flash was great while it lasted.

GRADE: 3. It was a bad trade, but the damage was done before the trade. Avs management let the situation turn sour and Sherman has to take some responsability for that. Call me crazy, but I would take Varly over Anderson.

GRADE: 4. Ok THE deal of his tenure so far. Some would give a 1 or 2 rating but I won't. You have to consider the facts at the time of the trade. Let's call Rattie and Siemens a wash for now. 2 decent prospects. Call me crazy again, but I pick EJ over Shatty any day of the week on my team. Yes, Shatty is a better offensive D-Man, better than was expected by Avs management. He is NOT a better overall D-Man. Do not forget that Shatty plays for what is probably the best defensive team in the NHL. That helps a lot. As for EJ, well....
Chris Stewart is a gifted right-handed goal-scorer. A somehow rare commodity. Good size too, and, at times, some grit to go along. He is also a uni-dimensional player and a defensive liability. He is not a player you want to see on the ice more than 13-14 minutes per game. He is streaky and does nothing for your team when not scoring. He is not a leader and he is difficult to coach. Jay Mc was a tremendous role player for the Avs, but definitely not worth Stewart one for one. I prefer a guy like PAP over Stewart...
I think in this deal, the mistake comes from over-estimating the value of Elliott and Barrie which should not fall solely on Sherman's shoulders.

GRADE: 6. Liles wouldn't crack the Avs roster and he is overpaid. Jury's still out on Mitchell Heard, but bottom 6 forward would be his ceiling. From a cap management point of view, it was a decent trade.

GRADE: 5. I think it is still too early to tell. Personally I thought it was a good and gutsy move. Forget what Varly has done this year. It is obvious when you watch him play that his athletic abilities and reflexes are second to none. He is entering his prime now and I think he likes Denver and will sign again. He is evolving at the same pace as the team is and will reach his prime when our offensive core will be ready to dominate the Western Conference. It may, in the end, be one of Sherman's best trades, even if Forsberg pans out.
GRADE: 8. Downie is a very important player on the Avs squad and a bargain. He was sorely missed last season.

GRADE: 8. Very good trade. Sgarbossa is a good prospect with skills and Mcginn is a second-tier power forward.


PARENTEAU : 9. Great value, friendly cap hit.

O' BRIEN: 5. We landed Tangs and Sarich in a deal invilving him so....

DUTCHY: 9. Great bridge contract.

ROR: 2. PR nightmare, burning bridges, high cap hit.

I do not think Sherman should be ashamed of his tenure. Remember he had to work under Lacroix and the old management mentality. I am not saying having Joe and Roy is not an upgrade. It is for sure. Because of the respect they command, their knowledge of the game and the players... but purely from a hockey decision standpoint, I believe Sherman has done a way better job than most fans think he did. He is far from being one of the worst in the league, but will never be as good as the Sakic-Roy tandem. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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