How Long Can the Avalanche Stay Unbeaten?

Doug Pensinger

After beating the Dallas Stars Tuesday night, the Colorado Avalanche moved to 6-0. Time to take a look at the games ahead and ask: just how long can the Avs keep the streak alive?

With a 3-2 victory over the Dallas Stars Tuesday night, the Avalanche moved to 6-0, their best start to an NHL season since moving to Colorado. The Avs win marked another milestone for rookie coach Patrick Roy, who tied his former coach, Mario Tremblay, for the best start to an NHL coaching career. For those unfamiliar with Tremblay, lets just say that he and Patrick Roy were not the best of friends. Roy and Tremblay had a very public rivalry in Montreal that including arguments in the locker room and a coffee shop, Tremblay allegedly taking a shot at Roy's throat in practice, and of course, the famous nine goal night that saw Patrick Roy demand a trade out of Montreal. So now, as the Avalanche prepare to face Roy's "favorite," "favorite," "favorite" team, the Red Wings, Roy has a chance to secure his first NHL coaching record over his rival team, and in doing so pass the former coach brought about the end of his career with the Montreal Canadiens. You can't make up story lines like this folks.

If the Avalanche can beat Detroit on Thursday and extend their hot start to an impressive 7-0, they will fall just three wins short of the all-time record for longest win streak to start the season. The 10 game mark, set by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1993 and replicated by the Buffalo Sabres in 2006, falls on October 25th at home against the Carolina Hurricanes. Here's what stands between the Avalanche and the 10 game mark:

Game 7: Detroit Red Wings (5-2-0) at Colorado Avalanche (6-0-0)

Game 8: Colorado Avalanche (6-0-0) at Buffalo Sabres (1-6-1)

Game 9: Colorado Avalanche (6-0-0) at Pittsburgh Penguins (5-1-0)

Game 10: Carolina Hurricanes (2-2-3) at Colorado Avalanche (6-0-0)

Game 11: Winnipeg Jets (3-4-0) at Colorado Avalanche (6-0-0)

Do the Avs have what it takes to get Roy his first coaching record? Could they challenge for one of the best NHL starts of all time? Or will this team start to regress before they can leave their mark on the 2013-2014 NHL season?

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