Recap: Avs good. Stars not so good. 3-2 OT Avs win!

Cooper Neill

After a disappointing overtime loss for DU at Magness Arena (where Will Butcher - ma boy - scored a goal!!!), Sandie and I sat down to watch the Avs game.

So this is going to be a running recap because...I'm drunk. Sandie's no help, either, because...she's drunk too.

First period

- Matt Duchene is freaking good. Too bad that puck trickled wide.

- Robidas, you can't do that. Two for tripping.

- PP looking good, another stupid ridiculous save by Lehtonen.

- Stastny maaaaad. Roussel, that would be illegal. Crosschecking is not okay.

- 5 on 3 for about a minute. Good shots but Lehtonen.

- Holy hell, shots on shots upon shots. But Lehtonen.

- Who put cocaine in the Avs' water bottles?

- STASTNY!! On the 13th shot in the game, Stastny took a beauty of a pass from Tanguay and tapped it in. Tap tap tappity tap.

- We still have over ten minutes left in the first, eh.

- Wat? Lehtonen went sliding out of the crease to the bottom of the face off circle...and played the puck. Aight.

- Random thought: I bet the team is so on fire to win this game as a way to show solidarity with Varly.

- Digging the energy, speed and [insert mean barking dog sound here] of this team right now.

- Duchene has scored 25.7% of the Avs' goals this season. He's kinda good at hockey.

- Varly: You looking for this? (So glad that Roy started him tonight.)

- Skating's hard.

- Those Dallas jerseys are horrible.

- Random thought: I'm craving Starbucks.

- This team wants this win so badly


Second Period

- What is Stastny doing on the bench? "I'm going to pump you up."

- Scoring chances from 1st: 7 to 1. Lol.

- This team's transition from D to O is fucking insane, so fast.

- Random thought: got my hair cut today. Love it. It's all flippy.

- Tangs with the between the legs pass almost got Landy a goal. Horseshoes and hand grenades.

- TALBOT! Looking pretty good. Better than Downie with his game misconduct and concussion. Freaking sucks, Crazy Eyes. Feel better soon!

- That's right! Holden is playing forward! Gonna have to keep an eyeball out.

- Oh MacKinnon, you want that next goal so badly.

- Varly plowed into, dangerous moment. Glad he's okay.

- Duchene saying bad words again. Potty mouth.

- Talbot looks so freaking happy right now.

- Varly says NYET!!! Dude is on it right now.

- Right now.

- Don't be mad, Lindy. It's okay. You can have a peanut butter cup.

- Random thought: Corsi be fucked.

- That's offside. Don't hate just cuz you can't keep your shit onside.

- "It just wouldn't go in." TWSS, Penis McNab.

- Ruh roh Raggy. Wilson got in da way. Bad Wilson.

- Okay, Max. This is why you're here. Show us what you got.

- Mitchell with a breakaway! Why is it always Mitchell and McLeod that get the breakaways? #SlowAsMolasses

- Varly good. Stars bad.

- PK good. PP bad.

- So anybody thinking the D on this team is bad (and I mean collectively, not just defensemen) needs to rethink that biz-ness.

- Sandie, all cute and drunky: I like this team, Cheryl. Write that down! I like this team.

- Only two shots this period? Okay, second periods are not the Avs' strengths.

- Roy's win percentage so far as a coach: .909. Teehee. Unsustainable my ass!

- Now Lindy looks sad. Here, have another peanut butter cup.

- PA denied cuz Lehtonen.

- Duchene gets the breakaway, puts on the jets, and Gonchar pulls him down. Dutchy mad. More potty mouth.

- "That'll be a penalty." Ya think, Pete?

- Why is Mitchell on the PP?

- Haven't noticed Holden. Not a bad thing.


- Drop pass behind the back by MacKinnon, Landy "never seen a shot I don't like" scoops it up and rips one from the top of the face off circle. SCOOOOORRRRREEEEEE. Two to zippo

- Lehtonen: What the fuck just happened?

- I think Duchene either has nitro burners or a go-go gadget skates button.

- (Sandie is talking in French. No clue what the hell she's saying. blahblabhblabhalbh)

Third Period

- Where is Mark Rycroft?!?! (That was in whiny voice, in case you didn't know.)

- (Wow, that Philly/Caps game...)

- Hejda and Johnson clicking as a top pair? Hmph. Who woulda thunk?

- Boys passing the sniffing salts down the row. DRUGGIES!!!

- Booers McBooerestons not liking the non calls that were non penalties.

- Did Hejda get away with one or was that good D? I do not know. Booze.

- Kinda loud in that arena. Sandie thinks it sounds like a recording.

- Talbot, Mitchell, MacKinnon: the Center Line


- balls

- Varly had no clue that puck was behind him. Totally screened.

- "Get it up, Mitchell!" says Sandie. "I DID BUT LEHTONEN," said Mitchell.

- Up to the war room, but dat pad, man. Dat pad.

- balls lucky he didn't get a penalty on that. Holding the stick is not okay. Well, at least on the ice during a hockey game.

- The only reason why Dallas is in this game right now is Lehtonen.

- WTF Guenin?? You're damn lucky Varly is good.

- Holden: defensemen or forward? defenseman or forward? Poor kid.

- Johnson to locker room? Nooooooooooooo.

- Johnson just went to "stretch" apparently. That's what Luongo said.

- Duchene, PA, but Lehtonen

- Hey #17...GET IN THE BOX!

- FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. MacKinnon. Don't be hurty. High sticky in the facey. Uh oh, potty mouth! Not called. He mad.

- Wheels. We got 'em.


- Well that blows. Saw that coming a mile away. TWSS.

- Landy? Fighting??? Well that was weird.

- Shit. Landy gets an extra two for instigating. Dallas gets a PP with just over three left. Not. Good.

- Varly, you are good at stopping pucks.

- Penalty killed but heart attack afterward. Varly hearts.

- Random thought: I'm tired. And this game is going to OT.

- First OT game this season for our boys. Let's hope it ends well, better than the DU game.


- Skating's hard.

- Is this going to a shoot out? Just to troll me, the universe will do it.

- Nope, Pauly BadNuts gets the win with a sweet shot. Ripped the puck from the left face off dot, going top shelf. Cute little smile.

Three Stars




(Sandie wanted to give a star to Lehtonen. Plbbbtttttttt)

Quick Hits

- [insert cool stuff here]

Next Up


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