Poll: Tyler Myers, yes/no?

After reading the Possible Avalanche Trades post by Andi, Tyler Myers name was mentioned and I noticed there wasn't a whole lot of discussion regarding him except for SteveHouse and Pyotroll stating a resolute "NO," to his acquisition...Myers must owe them $$$ or something.

For those of you who don't know Myers is a 6'8", 227 lb. Defender drafted 12th overall in 2008 and played his first season in 2009 eventually winning the Calder above our very own Matt Duchene and that howard guy from that terrible city..... Born in Houston, Tyler Myers grew up in Calgary and opted to play internationally for Canada, representing them in world Juniors and the IIHF World Championships.

His NHL Stat totals are:

285 GP, 34 G, 90 A, 124 Pts, 176 PIM and an overall p/m of -2 and 11 Power play goals to boot but his career ATOI is 22:34

And with that, I ask simply: Would you want Myers still or not and WHY? and what's your price?

Me personally, I'd love to acquire Tyler Myers - is he worth Paul Stastny? Ehhhh I'd say no. But Buffalo has entered full rebuild and so that means draft picks/prospects, Jamie McGinn, John Mitchell, PA Parenteau and/or Cody Mcleod and I only say maybe Cody because he's an alternate captain - I wouldn't miss him too terribly and take the A and give it straight to Matt Duchene

Reports are however that he has struggled since his rookie season as per Adam Gretz, an SB Nation Contributor:

These aren't new struggles, either. Myers' performance has declined pretty much every season since his breakout rookie season. Not only has his defensive game been a mess at times, the offense that made him such a young star earlier in his career has badly regressed to the point that he's recorded just 31 points in his past 98 games. Keep in mind, he had 48 during in 82 games during his rookie season and 37 in 80 games in his second season.

Myer's contract is front loaded and extends through 2018-19 with Buffalo; it currently pays $5.5 million but tapers to $3 million at the end. All of these are reasons to consider not signing him not to mention word is that Edmonton is shopping for a "Big, Stud Defensemen" and they will be hard to compete with in acquiring Myers as they have had 6,000 first round draft picks in hand .....(sorry but being a native of Columbus, I have no mercy for them) is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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