Who should we draft ?

Now its a harsh reality, but the Avs stink. They are hovering around the worst in the league at this point in the year which has become too much of a reoccurring theme in denver. It will be their 3rd lottery pick in the past 5 years. Although the other lottery picks have been good ones so far for the Avs (Duchene,Landeskog) the team still lacks in something. Now there are many factors and many things you can blame for the avs not succeeding, but here are a few reasons i've seen.

1. The team is awful defensively, and im not going to hassle the goaltenders because they aren't always letting in stinkers. The team defence is awful. We do have some promising faces on the back end (Johnson,Barrie,Elliott) yet none of them have reached their full potential to this point. The rest of the avs D core wouldn't be top 6 anywhere else in the league, in my mind. I really like EJ, i really do. I feel he will fulfill his full potential one day, once he has someone he can trust back there with him. Same goes for Barrie, and Elliott; Although both make some bone-headed plays every now and then.

2. Consistent offense. Now we've seen 2 players basically score every point for the avs this year (Duchene,Parenteau). We haven't seen Stastny, O'Reilly, and to a lesser extent even the injury riddled captain Gabe Landeskog. Now we have the skill, there is no doubt. Maybe we are too young, maybe we dont have that "finisher" type player that can snipe. Maybe we need someone who can score on the wing to accompany our centre strength.

3. Finally, i don't see depth scoring in bunches, although the Avs have major skill depth especially down the middle. It always seems like one line is on, and the other 3 are just nothing. To be a top competitor in this league you must have 4 lines rolling, and getting goals from everywhere.

Now in saying this the avs have a very big decision to make in the off-season. Who to draft. Now lets say they do end up with the 1st overall pick, who would you take. Now im going to sift through to the 3 fits that i see.

1. Seth Jones, D

2. Nathan Mackinnon, C

3. Jonathan Drouin, LW

Now each of these players are "franchise players" but who would fit best in mile high?

Lets start with Seth Jones. The big offensive defenceman raised in Colorado is a very skilled skater, along with his huge frame. He would be a great offensive boost to any back-end for years to come, including that big frame in the defensive zone. The kids got a lazer of a shot, fast feet, and a huge body. All keys to success to be an NHL d-man

This would make the top 4 of the future



That looks better and would certainly boost the avs in many ways.

Now for Nate Mackinnon. The kids unreal. Lets face it, he's got unreal skill and he's really hard to pass up. The centre is very quick, agile, and he is a finisher. The kid can put up points. With him we can release a centre, lets say Stastny ,leaving the lines like this





Now this would help out with that goal scoring forsure.

Moving on to the last one Drouin. Jon has got an unreal set of hands. A true playmaker on the wing can do anything with the puck. He could play with an atom house player and rack up 40 assists in a season. The guys a natural, and he's NHL ready. Lines with him might look like this..





All are good choices, but let me know who you think we should pick ? is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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