I'm drinking and reviewing past drafts. Please, join me. Part 1.

I had the inspiration to do this this morning, but I had work to do and apparently 'the man' frowns at getting shitfaced at work while writing a draft review. Luckily, it's now 7:58 MST as I write this and I have plenty of beer. So let's begin. Now it would make sense to start with 1996 and go to the current draft, but fuck that noise. I had a better idea. We're going to start in 1996 and we're going to follow the draft until 2006. Why? Because Mike Milbury ruined the Islanders in that time, and he's a jerk, no, strike that, he's a grade A Asshole. Don't believe me? Google it. So let's enjoy both the implosion of the islander and see what we can learn of past drafts:

Feel free to open this up in a new window and tell me if I missed anything.


I have no idea what I was doing at this time, I was a lifeguard, tan and celebrating my team winning the Stanley cup, good times.

My first impression of the first round is, "really?" Not to bag on Chris Phillips, but first overall? Then Zyuzin? Then JP Dumont? At least Dumont had a good career, without looking, I'm guessing he outscored both of the defensemen taken above him. I'm going to guess that's the last good 1st round pick for that jerk GM for a couple of years. Hey, look there's Salei at #9, best defenseman taken (in the first two rounds). Avs made one good pick in Mark Parrish, who as a third rounder was a great pick. Games played for the Avalanche? Donut.

No one hit on anyone in the 2nd round--best pick was either Cory Sarich or Mathieu Garon, both were decidely average.

Best pick of the draft was in the 3rd with Chara, while NJD took a cream puff named Scott Parker who would later reenter the draft down the road.

After the 3rd round, nothing really happens until you hit Kubina and Kaberle in the 7th and 8th rounds.

Best player taken in the 1st was little rat face Briere at 24th overall by the (old) Winnipeg Jets.


1997 NHL Draft

So, All I really remember about this year was that I was working at Oppenheimer Funds right out of college and people would call me at the height of the tech boom and complain about the point or two drop in the DOW like I, as a customer service rep, would be able to control and/or care about. Shit lady, if I really knew how your mutual funds were going up and down and could control it, do you think I'd be taking your call?

The avs took someone called Frank Grimes in the first round. To this date, I think he's the only hockey player to ever be on the Simpsons.

Best player taken in the 1st round? Well you actually have a choice here, Thornton at #1 is probably the best but Hossa and Marleau have something to say about it.

The Islanders? They drafted Luongo at #4, so they've set them selves up for goalie for the next 15-20 years right? If any of you have read the great book "winds of War" this would be the part where all the characters are having fun in say 1934 or 1936-ish. THe future is bright.

Oh, look I remember Nikos Tselios his greatest hockey moment came being Chris Chelios' cousin. That's like drafting a Gretzky brother. I'm sure if they had to do it over again they'd take Hannan who was taken a pick later and you know, made the NHL. The only thing that makes that funnier is that the avs did it a round later when they took Wade Belak's brother.

Brian Campbell was taken in the 6th round, you know the Campbell that is getting paid an ungodly amount by first chicago then florida? Avs took Aebisher in the 6th too, I would have sworn he was a higher pick but wikipedia is never wrong.

So, yeah other than that nothing else really happened. Ladislav Nagy was taken, if I ever had a dragon, that would have been his name.


1998 NHL Draft

I do remember this one, this was a good one for the avs, kind of. Tanguay, Regehr, Parker and somebody else, Skoula oh yeah, I remember him. Lots of people liked him around here. Ramzi Abid was the Avs first choice in the 2nd round--note to prospects, re-entering the draft doens't bode well for a good career.

Lets begin, with hindsight the trade the avs proposed, all 4 picks for Lecavlier could have been a win for either team, but based on the rest of the 1st round it worked out best for all involved. Yes, I'm saying that the Avs might not have won in 2001 without Drury and Tanguay (I was there for his game 7 2 goal performance, it was bad ass, I later saw 6 boobs downtown in different locations, true story) and Tampa probably wouldn't have taken Tanguay, Gagne, Gomez and Andre Markov that draft--if only because Markov was taken in the 6th but scouting being what it was, that didn't happen.

I always felt Legwand was a bust but looking back at what was taken around him, ie a whole bunch of average, they made out ok. I mean shit, Brad Stuart was taken 3rd, not in the 3rd, 3rd overall. Let's just say there are a whole bunch of 70's in the NHL series in that 1st round.

Steve Moore was taken in the 2nd, Cheechoo was a 2nd as well, that guy, if take today would be a free agent or really late round pick. Brad Richards in the 3rd? Not so much. Ali G (M Riberio) was a 2nd rounder.

The imaginary awesomeness of the Detroit draft room begins in the 6th round with some player that you've all never heard of, except for Pavel Daksyuk, since he heard of him first (which is true, since he heard of himself first, unless you have Jimmy Howard omnipotence, in which he would be 2nd-this is the sort of logical thinking that comes up when you're boozing). Because if you really were so smart and thought so highly of him wouldn't you be worried someone else did too and draft him in the top 2 or 3 rounds?

Everyone stop it's the Tyler Arnason's draft. I'm sure he was totally stoked to be drafted. I can't help but to think of the South Park where the kids were compelled to keep playing baseball even thought they all hated it. I think TA really gets that episode.

Sergei Skrobot was the final pick of the draft, I'm pretty sure that was because they hoped he make the NHL and they could call him the SK-Robot.


1999 NHL Draft

IE the Creepy Twin Draft. They were probably the best players drafted, maybe Ryan Miller or Zetterberg, but they were taken much, much later. Milbury? He took Connelly who was decidely average (I feel he'd be that way despite the concussions) and the immortal Branislave Mezei. I'm sure that Pierre Lacoix never second guessed himself for taking Mikhail Kuleshov, especially with Marin Havlat being taken one pick later. I mean that litterally, he was kind of an ass and didn't seem the sort for self-introspection.

Other than that, the top 3 rounds are fairly Barron, Craig Anderson was taken in the 3rd but there's a lot of crap out there. Everything I said about Dakysuk above goes for Zetterberg in this one.


Ok, I'm going to be honest, I'm really buzzed and it's like 10 something and I"m full on beer right now and I've got to go to work tomorrow so gin, vodka or wine isn't really an option.

I would highly suggest everyone look at the results of every draft and think to themselves, guys didn't drop that far or fast, everyone was probably taken right about where they thought they would go and apply those lessons to now.

If I get a good reception to this, I promise that I'll buy some more booze and continue up to 2006. Looking at these drafts so far, I would be hesitant to take a defense man in the top 10 picks, but then scouting may have improved. Also: fuck you Mike Milbury and fuck the red wings.

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