Which 2001-Present Avs player made you jump out of your seat?

I'm going to have a hard time deciding who made me flip out the most with a goal, or big play...but....

Which 2001-Present Avs player made you jump out of your seat?

I'm going to say Marek Svatos & Chris Stewart. Svatos was such an opportunistic forward during his time with the Avs. It seemed like he knew exactly where to be and he never touched the puck, until he scored a goal. I remember when he made his debut on a line with Peter Forsberg in the playoffs (do I have this right?) - he benefited from one of the greatest playmakers in the game and I think it set him up to have great confidence in his following seasons, until injuries ruined his career.

I would be interested to have seen a healthy (LOL) Svatos vs Duchene skating end to end...Svatos was incredibly explosive and slippery..and he wasn't afraid to play in front of the net, whenever he was crushed with a big hit, he would almost always follow up immediately with an equally big or bigger hit regardless of his opponents size. Every time he scored, I flew up out of my seat and my girlfriend usually found herself in a full nelson, or a headlock with a noogie. I think it was safe to say she hated Svatos.

Ahh...then Chris Stewart, the first Avalanche to come along in years who could score highlight reel goals and beat your face in. Did Stewart ever really lose a fight for the Avs? Did you not find yourself excited but also as ANGRY as he looked every time he scored? I couldn't help but jump on the Stewie bandwagon when he was demoted for a game and came back only the light up the league and really emerge as a true power forward who could throw down with anyone in the league. It had been a long time since the Avs had a scoring forward who you had to respect or you would have a sore cheek bone & a black eye, after he scored a goal.

Duchene, last season, finally had me jumping out of my seat every time he made a play & scored a goal. I've been waiting for it and I'm pumped to see this kid continue to develop and set the league on fire. After watching some MacK highlights, I think the Avs may have drafted the next best thing since sliced bread and I believe he will find instant chemistry with this team.

Svatos takes a high hit from Penner, comes back 10 seconds later and explodes Getzlaf

The Tiny Svatos burns Thornton, never takes another stride from the top of the circles and drives to the net and stuffs it. Makes everyone look stupid. Thornton, Boyle & Murray he shows up...

Turn your volume up for this one. A wicked slapper that would've made Tim Thomas fly out of the net and try to decapitate him. My Favorite Svats goal.

Stewart doing what he does.

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