Game 48 Preview: Avalanche at Predators

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Surprises and horrors await the Avs (30-12-5, div-3rd, conf-5th) in Smashville (21-21-7, div-6th, conf-11th), and that's not even counting everyone's favorite singing game!

The Nashville Predators are still without Pekka Rinne. (Also goal scoring.) OTF's Dirk Hoag has already called the season lost on a recent Marek vs Wyshynski episode, and with the Avs surely facing a backup netminder, tonight has the makings of a trap game against a tanking squad, do what? Dubny--get out of here. No way.

I wish we knew how to quit you

Large, athletic, Edmonton Oilers goaltender and noted Avs-killer Devan Dubnyk was recently traded to Nashville in a move that boldly and wisely addresses none of the Oilers' real problems. Old friend Matt Hendricks and his WOW DAT TERM DOE contract has left town for Alberta, and Dubnyk was the return. Yes, really. The Mitch Korn Goalie Factory has replaced the long-term-injured Rinne with an Avs-killing goaltender now that Nashville is in the division.

The Perds are coming off a 4-3 shootout win over Philadelphia on Thursday that featured this otherworldly recovery save from Carter Hutton, so even if they don't go with Dubnyk (and it isn't clear who they will go with yet), this isn't an autowin by any means. Both teams have a regulation win in the season series: Colorado won in October in that Steve Downie Against the World game, and Nashville won the next meeting.

Since this site has been recognized nationally as a high example of journalistic integrity, I thought we would update the Avs with everyone's favorite game: a Hoedown! This is for Matt, Ryan, Patrick, and Gabe, with the help of Laura Hall, Laura Hall everybody, Laura Hall. So whenever you're ready let's do the Avalanche at Nashville Hoedown.

Matt Duchene

I love when we play Nashville because physics don't apply
I'll straight-up bend the blueline with the speed at which I fly
But if things don't change soon then it will be a game like most,
And if I hit anything it'll be the fucking post.

Patrick Roy

I really am trilled wid da team to be hones wid you.
Da saves we get from Varly, I mean, what else can he do?
He gif his team a chanze to win, da pucks never get past him,
And never in his life has he ever had a back spasm. ;)

Gabriel Landeskog

I don't know much 'bout Nashville. It's a long way from Asgard.
I know they play a game I like, a game of hitting hard.
Now if I was a Predator, team points lead would be mine
and it could be with the Avs if you get Mitchell off my line.

Ryan Stiles O'Reilly

There's nothing I love more than scoring goals with Matty D.
The way he plays the game out there seems to complement me.
I'm sure that he's not threatened by my new goal-scoring gear;
He would never take a goal from me when it's my contract year,

when it's my contract yeaaaaaar!

Avs Lines (maybe)

PAUL STASTNY SHOULD BE BACK!!! This is based on what's been going on lately. McGinn and MacKinnon could flip-flop based on what's working in the game.

McGinn - Duchene - O'Reilly
Landeskog - Stastny - MacKinnon
McLeod - Mitchell - Talbot
Malone - Cliche - Bordeleau

Hejda - Johnson
Wilson - Barrie
Benoit - Holden


Stollery if he isn't stupidly sent down

Check out On the Forecheck for Nashville coverage.

TV: Altitude, Fox Sports Tennessee || 8:00pm EST || 6:00pm MST || 01:00 GMT

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