SPOILER FREE: Olympic Hockey TAPE-DELAY game thread Feb. 13

Bruce Bennett

A safe place for those of us who want to watch the games, but couldn't DO IT LIVE.

WARNING: This is the TAPE DELAY thread for today's games. If you're looking for conversation on games that happened earlier, head to the LIVE thread, and do not spoil things for us here.

All times are listed in US Eastern.

Game of the Day: USA v. Slovakia, men's prelims - Group A

LIVE: 7:30am, NBC-Sports, TSN
TAPE DELAY: 5:00pm, NBC-Sports

Congratulations Phil Kessel! You get to play on a team that isn't Toronto against a team that isn't Boston to get things going so don't worry about having to match up with oh god is that fucking Zdeno Chara it is isn't it. The Americans want a Quick start to their Sochi competition (lolpun), as Jonathan Quick gets to test his mettle (lolpun2) today. Here's hoping his performance isn't too quick (lololololo). Paul Stastny has been practicing on a "fourth line" between Ryan Callahan and Max Pacioretty.

Oh and hey everyone this is important we all love Joe Pavelski a lot. He's a total clutch badass and we can wait to hate him for being an Avs killer til after this tournament is over. He could score in buckets between James van Riemsdyk and Kessel.

Slovakia are always a tougher team to beat than expected. They are not to be taken lightly.

Russia v. Slovenia, men's prelims - Group A

LIVE: 7:30am, MSNBC, CBC
TAPE DELAY: 3:00pm, NBC Sports

Really Canada? Gold medal contender vs. Anze and the Pips gets CBC billing over US-Slovakia?

The Russians are as tight-lipped as the KGB (too soon?) about who they're starting in goal. Maybe it's Semyon Varlamov. Maybe it's the Bob Cop Sergei Bobrovsky. Anyway this should be a nothing game for the Russians so let's see if they're all hung over enough to blow it.

Canada v. Norway, men's prelims - Group B

LIVE: 12:00 noon, USA Network, CBC

Norway do have an incredibly high quotient of Imaginary Awesomeness, but come on Canada, if you don't win this one by a touchdown what are we all doing here, really?

Matt Duchene has been an extra forward in Canadian practices between Martin St. Louis and Martin St. Louis's thighs. Not sure if he gets in for this one or not.

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